Sunday, May 1, 2016

2X Great-Grandparents Lifespan - Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

I haven't done one of Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenges in awhile. I really like this one. 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to:

1)  We each have 16 great-great grandparents.  How did their birth and death years vary?  How long were their lifespans?  
2)  For this week, please list your 16 great-great grandparents, their birth year, their death year, and their lifespan in years.  You can do it in plain text, in a table or spreadsheet, or in a graph of some sort.

First, here is my chart of great-great-grandparents: 
Data analysis: 

  • Earliest birth year = 1835 vs. Most recent birth year = 1863
  • Earliest death year = 1894 vs. Most recent death year = 1949 - Three men outlived their wives and three women outlived their husbands
  • Shortest lifespan = 41 years vs. Longest lifespan = 93 years
  • Average lifespan for men = 77 years vs. Average lifespan for women = 67 years
  • Two great-great-grandmothers died in their early 40s! One great-great-grandfather died in his late 50s! Two great-great-grandparents died in their 60s and two died in their 70s. Four great-great-grandparents died in their 80s and two died in their 90s!
No matter how much time you have to live your dash*, make the most of it! 

*Your dash is the time between your birth & death dates. 

3)  Share your information about your 16 great-great grandparents with us in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or on Facebook or Google+.  If you write your own blog post, please leave a link as a comment to this post.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Family of William Williamson

William Williamson is buried in the Middle Intervale Cemetery in Bethel, Maine. He is related to my 4X great-grandfather, John Williamson, and most likely they were brothers. The fact that they are immigrants from Manorhamilton, County Leitrim, Ireland and that there are other William Williamsons living in the area make it difficult to establish the relationship with certainty. It seems likely that they arrived in this country in the 1820s, well before the potato famine that began in the 1840s. William and John were shoemakers who travelled from house to house, making shoes for the entire family. William Williamson moved to the Sunday River section of Newry, across the Androscoggin River from Middle Intervale. 

William Williamson married second Eliza (Elizabeth) Stuart/Stewart. She was considerably younger. Her memorial on Findagrave lists her birthdate as 1816 and in census records her age varies but is most consistent with 1810. After the 1860 census they appear in separate households and she is buried in the Sunday River Cemetery in Newry.  She spent her final days with her son, Richard and he lived with his nephew, Dr. William Williamson in 1870 and his brother, John in 1880. 

William Williamson's family constructed from census records: 
  1. John (age 30 in 1850 census; not living with William and Eliza in 1860, I haven't found records after 1850). He must be from a prior marriage because he's only 10 years younger than Eliza. 
  2. Mary J. (age 24 in 1850 census; not living with William & Eliza in 1860; I haven't found records after 1850) She is probably also from a prior marriage as Eliza would have been 16 when she was born. 
  3. Sarah (age 18 in 1850 census; not living with William & Eliza in 1860; I haven't found records after 1850). I believe she may be the first child of William and Eliza based on the six year gap between Mary J. and Sarah and the more frequent births after her. 
  4. Margaret (age 16 in 1850; 26 in 1860; not living with William or Eliza in 1870; I haven't found records after 1860) 
  5. Rebecca (age 12 in 1850; not living with William & Eliza in 1860; I haven't found records after 1850)
  6. William Henry (called Henry age 9 in 1850; called William H. age 19 in 1860; In 1863, William is registered as eligible for the draft in Newry, Maine. In 1870, there is a William H. living in Gorham, N.H. at a hotel and farming with a wife, Jennie, who was a pastry cook. This may or may not be the same William Henry Williamson.)
  7. Maria (age 6 in 1850; called Mariah age 16 in 1860; I haven't found any records after 1860)
  8. Richard (age 3 in 1850; age 13 in 1860; age 22 in 1870 living with Eliza; is head of household that includes his mother, Eliza in 1880). He is buried in the Sunday River Cemetery. Findagrave has his birthday as June 1, 1847 and his death date as August 8, 1923. He is buried in the Sunday River Cemetery. 
  9. Thomas S. (age 11 in 1860) Findagrave lists his birth as June 1850 and death as January 17, 1869. He is buried in the Sunday River Cemetery. 
  10. George (age 6 in 1860; age 17 in 1870 living with Eliza, according the The Bethel Journals, there is gravestone in Sunday River Cemetery for a George D. who died January 30, 1927; I haven't found any records after 1870). 
  11. Albert (age 5 in 1860; age 14 in 1870 living with Eliza, age 24 in 1880 and working as a druggist in Norway, Maine). In the 1900 census, he is still living in Norway with a wife, Helen, who is 18 years younger. Maine marriage records show her name was Helen Augusta Tufts. Albert died February 22, 1911 and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Norway, Maine. Findagrave gives his date of birth as June 27, 1855. 

The Bethel Journals - Williamson Family - some information conflicts with original records. 
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

John T. Abbott - Tombstone Tuesday

Capen Cemetery, Bethel, Maine
John T. Abbott was the son of John & Sarah (Ackley) Abbott, born on April 13, 1845, and died on August 30, 1867. He was my 2X great-granduncle. He died at the age of 22 in New Orleans, Lousiana. Findagrave says the died during the Civil War, but that cannot be true since the Civil War ended in 1865. Records I've found indicate that he mustered into Captain John B. Walker's Company I, Fifth Regiment Infantry, Maine Volunteers on June 24, 1864, and later transferred to the Signal Corps. The tombstone says he died "while in the Naval Service." I'd love to find out more about his service and the circumstances of his death. This stone stands in the Capen Cemetery in Bethel, Maine, but I'm not sure if his body was actually brought from Louisiana to Maine for burial.

John & Sarah (Ackley) Abbott - parents of John T. Abbott
Mary Jane (Abbott) Capen - sister of John T. Abbott
Fannie May (Capen) Carter
T. Richard Carter - my grandfather

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stephen & Nancy (Goddard) Abbott - Tombstone Tuesday

Capen Cemetery, Bethel, Maine
Capen Cemetery, Bethel, Maine

Stephen Abbott is my third great-granduncle and the brother of my 3X great-grandmother, Sarah K. (Abbott) Capen. He was the son of Aaron & Sarah "Sally" (Abbott) Abbott. Stephen and his wife, Nancy Goddard, and his son, Gilman, are buried in the Capen Cemetery in Bethel, Maine.

Children of Stephen & Nancy (Goddard) Abbott:

  1. Gilman C. Abbott was born on February 5, 1843, and died on August 9, 1856. 
  2. Charles Albert Francis Abbott was born on May 14, 1849, and died on March 5, 1919. He married Ella Elizabeth Davis on September 27, 1872 and they are both buried in the Middle Intervale Cemetery, Bethel, Maine. 
  3. Flora Nancy Abbott was born in September 1856, and died on May 30, 1928. She married Charles Swan in 1874. The last record I was able to locate for this couple is the 1920 census that shows them living in Greenwood, Maine. 
Aaron Abbott, Jr. - father of Stephen Abbott
Sarah K. (Abbott) Capen - sister of Stephen Abbott
Edward Abbott Capen
Fannie (Capen) Carter
T. Richard Carter - my grandfather

Monday, March 28, 2016

Henry Herrick's Will

Henry & Edith (Laskin) Herrick are my 10X great-grandparents on both my mother's side and on my father's side of the family. They had eight children. This is a copy of Henry's will and his bequests to his wife and children.

The will of Henry Herrick was proved on March 28, 1671 and contained the following provisions:
  • to wife Edith, the western half of his dwelling
  • to son Thomas, wearing apparel, 20 pounds and the land where his house stands
  • if son John live and die single, the land given him to go to testator's sons Ephraim, Joseph, and Benjamin
  • to son Zachary, one hundred acres of Birch Plain bought of Francis and Henry Skerry of Salem, sixteen acres where Zachary's house stands
  • to sons Ephraim, Joseph, and John, the farm bought of Mr. Alford
  • to ??, the two lots bought of Henry Reynolds of Salem and Richard Kimball of Wenham, also two acres in Bunkard's meadow
  • to sons Ephraim and Joseph, domestic animals
  • to son Benjamin, the pasture on the southeast side of the highway at age 21
  • to daughter Elizabeth, 40 pounds
  • to son Henry, at wife's death, all the estate bequeathed her
Henry Herrick, Jr., executor
Mr. John Hale & Capt. Thomas Lathrop, overseers

The inventory was completed on March 15, 1671 by John Rayment, Sr. and Isaac Hall, Sr. It totaled 974 pounds, 17 shillings with 804 pounds, 10 shillings being real estate. He also owned a musket, a sword, and a rapier.

Family of Henry & Edith (Laskin) Herrick

  1. Thomas
  2. Zachariah - 9th great-grandfather
  3. Ephraim
  4. Henry Jr. - 9th great-grandfather
  5. Joseph - He was the Salem constable who arrested the accused witches.
  6. Elizabeth
  7. John
  8. Benjamin

Henry Herrick, Jr. - Samuel Herrick - Joseph Herrick - Sarah Herrick - John Ellingwood - John Ellingwood, Jr. - Asa F. Ellingwood - Nina K. Ellingwood - Annie F. Gibbs - Fern Lyndell Cotton

Zachariah Herrick - Sarah Herrick - Luke Morgan - Luke Morgan, Jr. - Samuel Morgan - Martha Morgan - Moses Yates - Gilbert W. Yates - Estes Yates - Linona Alice Yates

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Sutton Freelands

James Freeland, my 7X great-grandfather, was born in the late 17th century in Ireland. However, the Freeland family were Scottish Presbyterians who fled to Ireland to escape persecution. According to The Sutton Freelands: Legends and Letters by Roy Freeland Stone, in 1718, James Freeland and his family came to Massachusetts and settled in Lexington. His family included a wife, Mary, and four children. One son, Joseph, remained in Scotland. This information is new to me and I'm still trying to track down and verify the details. The History of the Town of Sutton, Massachusetts places James Freeland and his family in Sutton by 1725. The list of family members agrees with The Sutton Freelands. I have not yet confirmed the fact they lived in Lexington, but the History of Sutton traces the family from Lexington to Hopkinton to Sutton. The book Albion's Seed by David Hackett Fischer estimates that about 200,000 Scots-Irish came to America between 1715 and 1775.

Children of James & Mary Freeland: (order unknown except for the oldest and youngest)

  1. Joseph was born in Dublin, Ireland and remained there when his parents and younger siblings came to Massachusetts. His occupation is listed as barrister. 
  2. James was born in Dublin and came to Massachusetts with his parents. He married Sarah Watson on January 8, 1741 in Hopkinton. He lived in Blandford and Brookfield. He married a second time to Elizabeth Wiley, widow of John Thomas of Worcester. They lived in Oxford. he married for a third time, Martha Smith on November 20, 1770. He had children with all three of his wives. 
  3. Anna (or Jane) was born in Dublin and came to Massachusetts with her parents. She married Robert Black and lived in Blandford, Massachusetts. 
  4. Rachel was born in Dublin and came to Massachusetts with her parents. She married Jonathan Knox on September 28, 1741 in Hopkinton, Massaschusetts and lived in Blandford. 
  5. Thomas was born about 1715 probably in Dublin and came to Massachusetts with his parents. He married Mary Nutt (or McNutt) of Hopkinton. 
My descent from Thomas:
Thomas & Mary (Nutt) Freeland
Dr. James & Mehitable "Hetty" (Mellen) Freeland
Frances (Freeland) Carter
Elias Mellen Carter
Augustus Mellen Carter
Edward Mellen Carter
T. Richard Carter - my grandfather

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Newbury Lines

Robert Adams, Elizabeth (Adams) Phelps, Elizabeth (Phelps) Ballard, Joseph Ballard, Elizabeth (Ballard) Abbott, Aaron Abbott, Aaron Abbott, Jr. Sarah (Abbott) Capen, Edward A. Capen, Fannie (Capen) Carter, Thomas Richard Carter

#1 - John Bailey, Sarah (Bailey) Cheney, Eleanor (Cheney) Safford, John Safford, Ruth (Safford) Haskell, Martha (Haskell) Houghton, Mary "Sally" (Houghton) Dunham, Florilla (Dunham) Ellingwood, Nina (Ellingwood) Gibbs, Annie F. (Gibbs) Cotton, Fern Lyndell Cotton 

#2 - John Bailey, Rebecca (Bailey) Brown, Ruth (Brown) Rogers, Isaac Rogers, Rebecca (Rogers) Blaisdell, Stephen Blaisdell, Jr., Susanna (Blaisdell) Rowe, Stephen B. Rowe, Charles H. N. Rowe, Anna J. (Rowe) Hayes, Eva (Hayes) Yates, Linona Alice Yates. 

Thomas Brown, Isaac Brown m. Rebecca Bailey - See Bailey #2 line for the rest. 

#1 - Richard Bartlett, Christopher Bartlett, Martha (Bartlett) Stevens, Ebenezer (Stevens) Blaidell, Stephen Blaisdell, Sr. m. Rebecca Rogers - See Bailey #2 line for the rest. 

#2 - Richard Bartlett, Richard Bartlett, Jr., Samuel Bartlett, Samuel Bartlett, Jr., Joshua Bartlett, Lydia (Bartlett) Ripley, Nancy (Ripley) Blake, Galen Blake, Charles G. Blake, Harriet May Blake, Clayton Leonard Blake 

#1 - John Cheney, Daniel Cheney m. Sarah Bailey - see Bailey line #1 for the rest. 

#2 - John Cheney, Peter Cheney, John Cheney, Edmund Cheney, Edmund Cheney, Jr. Mehitable Cheney m. Stephen Blaisdell, Jr. - See Bailey line #2 for the rest. 

Aquila Chase, Priscilla (Chase) Merrill, Nathaniel Merrill, Priscilla (Merrill) Knight, Eunice (Knight) Sawyer, Hannah (Sawyer) Hilton, Catherine (Hilton) Churchill, Loann (Churchill) Rowe m. Charles H. N. Rowe - see Bailey #2 line for the rest. 

John Cutting, Mary (Cutting) Noyes, Hannah Noyes m. Peter Cheney - see Cheney #2 line for the rest. 

John Emery, Eleanor Emery m. John Bailey - see the both of the two Bailey lines above. 

Henry Jaques, Elizabeth (Jaques) Knight, Henry Knight m. Priscilla Merrill - see Chase line for the rest. 

John Knight, John Knight, Jr., Richard Knight m. Elizabeth Jaques - see Jaques line for the rest. 

Robert Long, Rebecca (Long) Rawlins, Rebecca (Rawlins) Rogers, Rebecca Rogers m. Stephen Blaisdell, Sr., Stephen Blaisdell, Jr. - see Bailey #2 line for the rest. 

Hugh March, George March, Sarah (March) Deering, Elizabeth (Deering) Emmons, Eliakim Emmons, Jacob Emmons, Laura (Emmons) Yates, Estes G. Yates, Linona Alice Yates

William Marston, William Marston, Jr., Maria (Marston) Prescott, Samuel Prescott, Jermiah Prescott, Elisha Prescott, Hannah (Prescott) Edgecomb, Mary (Edgecomb) Philbrick, Benjamin P. Philbrick, Mary (Philbrick) Cotton, Ray Everett Cotton, Fern Lyndell Cotton

#1 - Nathaniel Merrill, Susannah (Merrill) Burbank, Timothy Burbank, Timothy Burbank, Jr., Rebecca (Burbank) Keene, Hannah (Keene) Cox, Timothy Cox, Christiana (Cox) Cotton, Francis Llewellyn Cotton, Ray E. Cotton, Fern Lyndell Cotton

#2 - Nathaniel Merrill, Abel Merrill, Nathaniel Merrill, Priscilla m. Henry Knight - see Henry Jaques line

#1 - William Moody, Joshua Moody, Samuel Moody, Joshua Moody, William Moody, Elizabeth (Moody) Ackley, William Ackley, Sarah (Ackley) Abbott, Mary Jane (Abbott) Capen, Fannie (Capen) Carter, Thomas Richard Carter

#2 - William Moody,  Joshua Moody, Samuel Moody, Joshua Moody, Houchin Moody, Josiah Moody, Hezekiah Moody, Dolly (Moody) Blake, Charles G. Blake, Harriet May Blake, Clayton Leonard Blake

Nicholas Noyes, Hannah Noyes m. Peter Cheney - see Cheney #2 line for the rest   

William Titcomb, William Titcomb, Jr., Elizabeth (Titcomb) Bartlett, Samuel Bartlett, Jr. - see Bartlett #2 line for the rest.