Friday, April 6, 2012

Remembering Our Veterans

Yesterday I wrote about Dominicus Smith, my 5th great-grandfather, who served in the Revolutionary War. It was exciting to learn he served with General George Washington at the Battle of Trenton. I got the information from his pension application which I accessed on Fold3. It was interesting to read his circumstances in 1818 and again in 1823 when he applied for his pension and then updated his financial status. I found it interesting but sad that it appears one had to be destitute in order to receive a pension. Below are the images and transcriptions of this portion of his application. He was awarded a pension of $8/month paid in semi-annual installments of $48. He got $77.16 for back pension payments. His daughter, Patience, age 33 and feeble, is my 4th great-grandmother and his granddaughter, Sarah, age 7, is my 3rd great-grandmother. 

Seeing the inventory in these images, I am reminded of the debt we owe our veterans for their sacrifices and our duty to care for them and their families. 

Maine                                           been wholly applied    
Dominicus Smith                                 to the discharge of his
Privat 1 year 1776                              first Debts -
1 Schedule, June 1820                           His age 68. Farmer -
14 acres of poor Land –                        Patience – 33 – very feeble
A small house & Barn                            Jedediah – 11 – Christiana 8
1 Cow – 1 pair of small                        Sarah – 7 -
Cattle – 6 sheep – At Home
a few articles of furniture
amt. of Schedule $219                           Recorded 2 Sep 1823

2 Schedule – 2nd May 1823
Real Estate – none –
an old Home & a few
articles of furniture –
The Real Estate in
first Schedule was sold
to Elisha Smith, Febry
6. 1821 – Deed made and
acknowledged same day –
Consideration $150 – the
proceeds of said sale have

Schedule of real and personal estate, (necessary clothing and bedding excepted) belonging to me the subscriber viz:
Real estate – I have none
Personal estate – One old horse and a few mean (unk. Word) or cooking utensils and household stuff.
      Since the exhibition of my first schedule the following changes have been made to my property and circumstances. The fourteen acres of poor and rocky land mentioned in said schedule I sold to Elisha Smith in February 1821 – for one hundred and fifty dollars, with which I paid [Doet?] Emerson about sixty dollars – and an execution in favor of [Dort?] Aaron Porter against me for about 50 dollars and the rest has been appropriated to pay sundry small demands I owed to different individuals and for my family’s support. The Stock mentioned in said schedule has also been consumed in the support of myself and family – I have no income or prospect of any
                        Dominicus Smith
May 2, 1823
      Signed and sworn to
            Before me Asher Ware D.J. of U.S.

Schedule of family residing with me Dominicus Smith,who by occupation am a farmer – which I am not able to pursue by reason of bodily infirmity – am not able to do a days work
Names       Ages              Capacity of each to contribute to their support
Patience – a daughter 33     very feeble
Jedediah          11                     
Christiana         8          young children not able to support themselves  
Sarah             7

11.769 R
District of Maine
Dominicus Smith
of Biddeford in the state of Dist. of Maine
who was a private in the regiment commanded by
Colonel Patterson of the Massachusetts
Line for the term of one year
Inscribed on the Roll of the Dist. of Maine
At the rate of 8 Dollars per month, to commence on
The 16th of May 1818
Certificate of Pension issued 11 of June 1819
and sent to [unreadable]
Saco, District of Maine
Arrears to 4th of Mar 1819 [unreadable] $77.16
Semi-anl. all’ce ending 4th Mar 1819  $48 ~
            {Revolutionary claim,}
            {Act 18th March, 1818}

                        Yorke County

Dominicus & Jedidiah (Tarbox) Smith
David & Patience (Smith) Shepard
Jacob & Sarah (Shepard) Emmons
Gilbert & Laura (Emmons) Yates
Estes & Eva (Hayes) Yates
Linona Yates - my grandmother

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