Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surname Saturday - Simeon F. Brown

Simeon F. Brown was born on June 16, 1833 to Benjamin and Mary Brown. 
He married Harriet C. Bean and they had two daughters, Isabelle, born in 1857, and Phebe, born in 1861. When the Civil War started, Simeon enlisted in the 12th Maine Infantry, Company D. The regiment was organized in Portland in November 1861. They went to Massachusetts where they were taken by steam ship to Ship Island, Mississippi. In May 1862, the regiment moved to New Orleans and thence to Camp Parapet where Simeon contracted "swamp fever." Swamp fever is also called ague and refers to a fever with alternating intervals of chills and sweating. He also was suffering from dysentery according to a letter in the widow's pension file. When his illness worsened, he was sent to Marine Hospital in New Orleans, where he died on January 9, 1863. His grave stone in the East Bethel Cemetery mistakenly says 1862 but all the documentation in his pension file says 1863. 

Simeon Brown was my grandfather, Clayton L. Blake's, great-grandfather. Isabelle Brown was his grandmother. There is additional information in his pension file that will provide material for future posts. 
Photo used with permission. Originally posted at - Really good information on medicine during the Civil War

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  1. Interesting. Will be looking for future posts from his pension file.