Monday, March 25, 2013

Military Monday - Enoch Spurr

Enoch Spurr was my 4th great-grandfather. He served three years in the Revolutionary War and when he was discharged at West Point, his paperwork was signed by Gen. Henry Knox. Knox would go on to become the first Secretary of War in the Cabinet of President George Washington. 

After the war, Enoch moved from Massachusetts to Otisfield, Maine and in April 1818 he petitioned for a pension. Pensions were not guaranteed and the selectmen of the town had to state that he was in need of the money before he could get it. The selectman, Nathan Wight, is likely the brother of Enoch's wife, Abigail Wight. 

Enoch wrote his own description of his service but it is too long to insert as an image and I haven't transcribed it yet. But this is his signature at the bottom of the page he wrote:

Enoch Spurr & Abigail Wight
Roxanna Spurr & Edward Stanley
Mary Frances Stanley & Augustus Mellen Carter
Edward Mellen Carter & Fannie Capen
T. Richard Carter - my grandfather

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