Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Letters of Elias Mellen Carter

Back of 1832 Letter Unfolded 
1832 Letter Folded - Showing Address
1832 Letter Folded - Sealing Wax Still on Letter
1832 Letter Text
1832 Letter Inside Fold - End of Letter and Signature
Inside of 1832 Letter Unfolded
1844 Letter showing handwriting and signature
1844 Letter Address
1844 Letter Text
Back Half of 1844 Letter Unfolded
1844 Letter Completely Unfolded


  1. Must have been a shock to read about the impending death of your great x[?] grandmother. Hope she had a long life.

    1. She was 54 and my 4X step-great-grandmother. Although, my 3X great-grandfather called her mother since he was only five when his own mother died. The letter also talks about the impending death of his fifteen-year old niece and it took me a bit to figure out who she was. That's the subject of an upcoming blog post.

  2. I was happy to read your blog today, especially since it has to do with old letters and Ebay. Today, I also posted my blog about my first dealing with Ebay, I'm such a novice. Maybe I could ask you a question or two on fb. Thanks.