Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Philip & Florence (Bertilson) Carter

Philip Lawson Carter, son of John Herbert & Verna (Kilgore) Carter, was born December 14, 1915 and died December 26, 1980. He was my second cousin, twice removed. However the family ties always seemed closer than that because of the strong friendship he and his wife had with my grandparents, T. Richard & Fern Lyndell (Cotton) Carter. Phil and Flo had five children and my grandparents had four sons. 

Florence (Bertilson) Carter, his wife, daughter of Oscar & Grace Bertilson, was born April 8, 1914 and died December 20, 1981. 

They are buried in the Middle Intervale Cemetery, on Intervale Rd. in Bethel, Maine. This cemetery is located behind a meetinghouse built in 1816. For much of my life, the meetinghouse was in the possession of the Carter family. When the upkeep became too much, the family donated it to the Middle Intervale Meetinghouse Association. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. 

Family memorial services were held in the meetinghouse two consecutive springs to celebrate the lives of Phil and Flo. They stick in my memory because they were informal and primarily consisted of their children and others telling stories of their adventures or misadventures growing up. The stories were punctuated with lots of laughter as they remembered all the happy times they spent together as a family. 

Common Ancestor - Elias Mellen Carter m. Rebecca Williamson
Their sons included Augustus Mellen Carter - grandfather of Thomas Richard Carter and John Herbert Carter - grandfather of Philip Lawson Carter. 

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