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52 Ancestors #8 - James Gibbons

James Gibbons is my 9th great-grandfather on my father's mother's side. He came from London in 1635 on the Increase and settled at Saco. He later moved to Kittery. He was a yeoman farmer and was made a freeman on July 5, 1653. Based on his listed age of 21 in the ship's passenger list, James Gibbons was born about 1614. He died sometime after July 17, 1690. James Gibbons and Judith Lewis were married about 1648. He was associated with another ancestor, Samuel Andrews. They came on the same ship, both lived in Saco, and both had a notation beside their name that they were "sent away" by Robert Cordell, goldsmith, of Lombard Street. 

Judith Lewis was from a wealthy family and deeds indicate her consent on records regarding the selling lands that James acquired from her inheritance. Since she was the only member of her immediate family to remain in Maine, she inherited all of her father's land in the area. 


  1. James Gibbons was born on March 19, 1648/9 in Saco and married Dorcas Seeley (Cilley) in December 1668. 
  2. Elizabeth Gibbons was born on April 23, 1652 in Saco and married John Sharp on November 14, 1667 in Saco.
  3. Thomas Gibbons was born on November 23, 1654 in Saco and apparently never married. 
  4. Rebecca Gibbons was born on January 30, 1656/7 in Saco and died on January 3, 1658/9. 
  5. Charity Gibbons was born on January 5, 1658/9 and there are no further records for her. 
  6. Rachel Gibbons was born on October 23, 1660 in Saco and married Robert Edgecomb (Edgecome) on May 30, 1682. Robert Edgecomb was the son of Nicholas and Wilmot (Randall) Edgecomb. They lived in Marblehead from 1690 to 1718 after losing a son to Indian attack. However, they returned to Saco after the Second Indian War. Rachel (Gibbons) Edgecomb died on January 13, 1724 and Robert Edgecomb died on June 1, 1730. They are buried in the Rendezvous Point Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Saco. According to Maine Provincial Court records the couple were presented on May 30, 1682 for "committing fornication." 
  7. Esther Gibbons was born on August 16, 1664 in Saco and there are no further records for her. 
  8. Anthony Gibbons was born on October 14, 1666 in Saco and there are no further records for him. 
  9. Hannah Gibbons was born about 1668 and married twice. Her first husband was named ____ Hibbert and her second husband was Robert Mace. She married Robert Mace about 1700. 

James Gibbons
Rachel Gibbons
Thomas Edgecomb
Gibbins Edgecomb
Thomas Edgecomb
Mary Edgecomb
Benjamin Perley Philbrick
Lizzie Philbrick
Ray Everett Cotton
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  1. Pam it would appear that we are cousins:

    James Gibbons
    Rachel Gibbons/Gibbins---Robert Edgecomb
    Thomas Edgecomb
    James Edgecomb
    Thomas Edgecomb
    Levi Edgecomb
    William Edgecomb
    Harriet Emily Edgecomb
    Addie Abbott Walker
    Lena Gertrude Smith---my grandmother

    Thrilled to have stumbled onto your site....what a great blog!


    1. Great to meet a new cousin! Thanks for leaving a comment and look for more stories about the Gibbons/Gibbins, Edgecomb families in the new year.

  2. Hello there, my name is Charity Williams, a descendant of Rhoda Edgecomb, daughter of Gibbons Edgecomb. I've been looking for living relatives, especially after this article