Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Founders Park - Marston

I am related to the Marston family in multiple ways due to distant cousins marrying. 

Capt. William Marston
Capt. William Marston Jr. 
Thomas Marston - see below for second line from Thomas
James Marston
Bethia Marston
James Philbrick 
Benjamin Philbrick
David Philbrick 
Oliver S. Philbrick
Benjamin Perley Philbrick
Lizzie Philbrick
Ray Everett Cotton
Fern Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother

Ephraim Marston - brother to James Marston above
Jeremiah Marston
Elisha Marston
Mary Marston
Hannah Prescott
Mary Edgecomb - married Oliver S. Philbrick above

Ruth Philbrick - Sister to James Philbrick above
Philemon Rand
Lydia Rand
Tryphenia Lunt
John Henry Cotton
Francis Llewllyn Cotton
Ray Everett Cotton - my great-grandfather

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