Sunday, August 9, 2015

Carter Farm on Middle Intervale in 1860 and 1880

Haying on the farm in the 1970s
Augustus Mellen Carter took over the farm from his father, Elias Mellen Carter. It is interesting to see how they expanded the farm over the twenty years between 1860 and 1880. The Non-Population Schedules don't have the exact same information in them, but there is enough that is the same to do a comparison. Augustus is my 2nd great-grandfather and Elias is my 3rd great-grandfather. The farm was started by Dr. Timothy Carter, father of Elias, and it is still in the family 7 generations later. However, there are no more males in this direct family line.
Original post about 1860 enumeration
Buckwheat and rye seem to be falling out of favor as corn and potatoes greatly increased. The production expanded into maple products, both sugar and syrup, and making cheese and a lot more butter. The livestock value tripled and seems to be based on the number of sheep and the amount of wool being shorn. 
T. Richard Carter - grandson of Augustus, great-grandson of Elias 
Tom Carter, my dad, logging on family land in the 1980s - 6th generation on the same land

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