Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 Year-In-Review

The end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 have not been good times for my blog. I got busy...I got sick...I have taken on too many projects...

However, I am going to attempt to get going again. Let's start by reviewing 2015. I participated in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge and managed to get to 49. With that said, I did post the most stories ever - 109! My previous three years included 79, 76, and 77 stories so I'm declaring 2015 a success. The 52 Ancestors theme has been retired so I will need to find new inspiration. I am working on Dear Myrtle's Finally Get Organized and a modified version of Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over. Both of those things involve more tasks related to becoming a better researcher and fewer blogging tasks. I'll need to work on balancing the behind the scenes research and organization with the blogging about ancestors.

Let's look back on 2015:

My Top Ten Stories based on number of views:

  1. Petition of the Poor, Distressed Widow 
  2. Pigs and Bacon 
  3. The Crime of Fornication 
  4. Jane Walford: Accused Witch 
  5. Drummer Eleazer Cole 
  6. Passion over Perfection
  7. Five Daughters Suddenly Gone 
  8. A Horrible Crime
  9. Everyone Has A Story
  10. The Balch House 
The 3 most shared stories turned into 6 as they all had the same number of shares. 

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