Monday, March 28, 2016

Henry Herrick's Will

Henry & Edith (Laskin) Herrick are my 10X great-grandparents on both my mother's side and on my father's side of the family. They had eight children. This is a copy of Henry's will and his bequests to his wife and children.

The will of Henry Herrick was proved on March 28, 1671 and contained the following provisions:
  • to wife Edith, the western half of his dwelling
  • to son Thomas, wearing apparel, 20 pounds and the land where his house stands
  • if son John live and die single, the land given him to go to testator's sons Ephraim, Joseph, and Benjamin
  • to son Zachary, one hundred acres of Birch Plain bought of Francis and Henry Skerry of Salem, sixteen acres where Zachary's house stands
  • to sons Ephraim, Joseph, and John, the farm bought of Mr. Alford
  • to ??, the two lots bought of Henry Reynolds of Salem and Richard Kimball of Wenham, also two acres in Bunkard's meadow
  • to sons Ephraim and Joseph, domestic animals
  • to son Benjamin, the pasture on the southeast side of the highway at age 21
  • to daughter Elizabeth, 40 pounds
  • to son Henry, at wife's death, all the estate bequeathed her
Henry Herrick, Jr., executor
Mr. John Hale & Capt. Thomas Lathrop, overseers

The inventory was completed on March 15, 1671 by John Rayment, Sr. and Isaac Hall, Sr. It totaled 974 pounds, 17 shillings with 804 pounds, 10 shillings being real estate. He also owned a musket, a sword, and a rapier.

Family of Henry & Edith (Laskin) Herrick

  1. Thomas
  2. Zachariah - 9th great-grandfather
  3. Ephraim
  4. Henry Jr. - 9th great-grandfather
  5. Joseph - He was the Salem constable who arrested the accused witches.
  6. Elizabeth
  7. John
  8. Benjamin

Henry Herrick, Jr. - Samuel Herrick - Joseph Herrick - Sarah Herrick - John Ellingwood - John Ellingwood, Jr. - Asa F. Ellingwood - Nina K. Ellingwood - Annie F. Gibbs - Fern Lyndell Cotton

Zachariah Herrick - Sarah Herrick - Luke Morgan - Luke Morgan, Jr. - Samuel Morgan - Martha Morgan - Moses Yates - Gilbert W. Yates - Estes Yates - Linona Alice Yates

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