Friday, April 21, 2017

Funny Friday - Hungry Burglar - Ready

While researching my ancestors, I come across interesting stories that have nothing to do with my genealogy but they make me chuckle. This is one of those small stories. I guess the man must have been craving sandwiches since he stole bread and meat. Of course, he needed something to wash it all down and luckily, there was some beer handy.; Accessed April 26, 2015, p. 2
Biddeford-Saco Journal, Thursday, September 4, 1975

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Titanic Connection

By F.G.O. Stuart (1843-1923) - , Public Domain, Wiki Commons
Emily Borie Ryerson was born in Chicago on October 8, 1893 to Arthur and Emily (Borie) Ryerson. Emily was the third child of five in the family. Arthur Ryerson was a lawyer and president of a steel company. The family was on vacation in Europe in April, 1912 when they received word that their eldest son, Arthur, Jr., 22, had been killed in an automobile accident in Pennsylvania. They quickly boarded a ship bound for the United States. That ship was the ill-fated Titanic. Arthur, Sr. died when the ship sank after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. The alarm was sounded around 11:40 pm on April 14th and the ship went under only a few hours later on April 15, 1912. However, Arthur's wife, Emily (Borie) Ryerson, and children, Susan "Suzette", 21, Emily Maria Borie "Millie", 20, and John, 15, were rescued by the Carpathia. The final sibling, Ellen or "Nell," 17, was not on the ship.

Heading of the manifest of Titanic survivors on the Carpathia

Ryerson survivors on the Carpathia

So what is my connection to this family? Emily "Millie" Ryerson married my 3rd cousin, twice removed, George Hyde Clarke, Jr.  George's mother was Mary Gale (Carter) Clarke, granddaughter of Rev. Lawson Carter (1793-1868). Lawson was the eldest son of Dr. Timothy & Frances (Freeland) Carter and big brother to my third great-grandfather, Elias Mellen Carter.

Findagrave Memorials
Arthur Larned Ryerson, Sr. - died in the sinking
Emily Maria (Borie) (Ryerson) Sherfesee - remarried and died in Uruguay
Arthur Larned Ryerson, Jr.  - includes a newspaper description of the automobile accident
Susan Parker "Suzette" (Ryerson) Patterson - survived the sinking but died at age 31.
Emily Maria Borie "Millie" (Ryerson) (Clarke) Cooke - Titanic survivor
Ellen Ashford "Nell" (Ryerson) Salvatore - not with the family on the Titanic
John Borie Ryerson - Titanic survivor

Dr. Timothy Carter
Elias Mellen Carter - Brother of Rev. Lawson Carter
Augustus Mellen Carter
Edward Mellen Carter
T. Richard Carter - my grandfather

Friday, April 14, 2017

Horse Shoots Rider - Funny Friday

As far as I know this Yates is not a relative. I found this while searching for Yates family members in old newspapers. 

Pack Horse Shoots Rider
Cave Creek, Ariz.  - Hubert E. Yates, 29, Phoenix, was shot by his horse on Sunday. Yates was unsaddling a pack-horse when it kicked his revolver from his holster, causing the gun to fire. Deputy Sheriff Lewis Forman said the bullet hit Yates in the leg. 

Biddeford-Saco Journal, Tuesday, April 17, 1962, p. 2; Clipped April 26, 2015