Monday, April 29, 2013

Military Monday - Affidavit for Widow's Pension Request

Peter C. Virgin testifying on behalf of Harriet C. (Bean) Brown as she filed for a pension following the death of her husband, Simeon F. Brown, in Louisiana. He was serving with the 12th Maine Infantry, Company D.

     I Peter C. Virgin of Rumford
In the County of  Oxford and State of Maine on oath
state, that I was well acquainted with Simeon F. 
Brown late of Co. D 12th Maine Regiment, who is
reported to have died at New Orleans January 9th 1863, 
and am also well acquainted with Harriet C.
(cross-out) Brown his former wife, and that she has 
not remarried since the reported death of her said
husband, and that said Simeon F. Brown left
but his children and their names are Isabel C. 
Brown who is aged six years, and Phebe
K. Brown aged one years + ten months. 
    These facts I state from knowledge + belief 
derived from intimate personal acquaintance with the 
family of said Simeon F. Brown. 
    I further state that I have no interest in 
any claim of said Harriet C. Brown against the
United States. 
Peter C. Virgin

Oxford (?) Subscribed and sworn to this fourth
day of March 1863. I further certify that the
officiant is a (cross-out) respectable and credible person 
and that I have no interest in the subject matter
Sidney Perham Justice of the Peace

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