Saturday, May 11, 2013

Society Saturday - Piscataqua Pioneers

While attending NERGC, I stopped by a table showcasing the Piscataqua Pioneers Historical and Genealogical Society. I knew I had a fairly large number of ancestors from this region so the name caught my eye. They were offering a discount on their book: Piscataqua Pioneers: Selected Biographies of Early Settlers in Northern New England. It is regularly $40 and I got it for $30 - either way it is a bargain! It includes a cd of  the entire book in a searchable pdf! The maps and history of the area are very interesting and then the book goes on to provide short biographies of the early families. I've been neglecting my blog because I'm spending every minute I can with the book. I've found some great stories for future blog posts. I am in LOVE! 

As with any of the early colonial settlements, the families intermarried frequently making an complex web of relationships. I have ancestors on all four of my grandparents' lines in the book and I've been adding large amounts of information to my tree! I think I will be applying for membership in the society this year. The big question is which of the many families will I use for the basis of my membership...

Here are just the A and B surnames in the book that are direct ancestors. 

Dad's Side: 
John Alcock
William Berry
Nathaniel Boulter

Mom's Side:
Walter Abbott 
John Bean - Scottish prisoner - I wondered if I had one of these in my tree! 
Ralph Blaisdell
Anthony Brackett

Rev. Stephen Bachiler/Batchelder
Jasper Blake

The web site:
To purchase the book:


  1. I have an old copy of this book from a yard sale (the joys of living in New Hampshire!) but there is no CD. Is this a newer editon? I picked up a membership application at NERGC and discovered that I have over a dozen ancestors who qualify me for membership, but there was no WILKINSON on the list. Since my first WILKINSON ancestor in the New World settled in Portsmouth, he is eligible to be on the list, so I just might try applying under his name to see if he can be added to the list.

    1. My copy has a copyright date of 2000. Keep me posted on how it goes with your application.