Friday, June 28, 2013

Funny Friday - The Monkey Was Too Popular

I was searching GenealogyBank newspapers for articles about my first cousin 4 times removed, Freeman Yates. He was a temperance advocate who traveled the country speaking for the cause. Apparently his name was the same as the one adopted by an Italian organ grinder because I came across this snippet in the Kansas City Star from Sunday, May 15, 1910.

"The Monkey Was Too Popular"
"And an Organ Grinder Was Arrested for Obstructing Traffic"
"Freeman Yates, an Italian organ grinder with an Americanized name, was arrested yesterday afternoon at Eighth Street and Grand Avenue because the crowd that gathered to hear his music and watch his monkey interfered with traffic.
When he was searched at police headquarters the jailers found $13.85. Yates and the monkey were placed in the holdover until the money was counted and then released on a bond of $11."


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  1. I loved this one! I just found an organ grinder "hurdy gurdy man" in my new son-in-law's ancestry. I feel a blog post coming. I don't know (yet) if he had a monkey!