Saturday, June 1, 2013

Surname Saturday - Jasper Blake of Hampton, NH

Jasper Blake was a mariner and a fisherman. It is surmised that he came from the family owning land in Wimbotsham, Norfolk, England because there is a line of Jasper Blakes there. He appears in New Hampshire in 1647 when he is a witness to a deed for his relative, Timothy Dalton. It is possible he came with Timothy Dalton in 1637. Quite a few sources list Jasper's wife, Deborah, as the sister of Timothy Dalton but in NEHGR Vol. 154, pp. 259-289, the case is made for her true identity as Deborah Everard, niece of Timothy Dalton, daughter of Richard & Sarah (Dalton) Everard.

This is a very interesting immigrant ancestor for me because it appears that three of my main lines trace back to Jasper.

Children of Jasper Blake & Deborah Everard:
1. Timothy was born October 16, 1649 and married Naomi Sleeper on December 20, 1677. 
2. Deborah was born January 15, 1651/52 and married Eleazer Elkins after October 1671. 
3. Israel was mentioned in his father's will but no other records have been found. 
4. John was born October 31, 1656 and died March 29, 1716. He married Frances _____.
5. Sarah was born February 14, 1658/59 and died September 29, 1660. 
6. Sarah was born June 30, 1661 and married Alexander Magoon. 
7. Jasper was born November 16, 1663 and died December 19, 1678. 
8. Samuel was born June 6, 1666 and died before the coroner's inquest was filed on June 27, 1666.
9. Dorothy was born September 17, 1668 and died September 28, 1737. She married Nathaniel Locke. 
10. Philemon was born May 23, 1671 and married Sarah Dearborn on January 20, 1698. 
11. Maria was born on March 1, 1672/73.

Line 1:
Jasper & Deborah (Everard) Blake
John & Frances ( _ ) Blake
John & Mary (Dearborn) Blake
Benjamin & Molly (Connor) Blake
David & Hannah or Joanna (Messer) Blake
Micajah & Nancy (Ripley) Blake
Galen & Dolly (Moody) Blake
Charles Galen & Isabelle (Brown) Blake
Harriet May Blake
Clayton L. Blake - my grandfather

Line 2: - research on this line needs more sources to confirm 
Jasper & Deborah (Everard) Blake
Timothy & Naomi (Sleeper) Blake
Israel & Leah (Smith) Blake
Ebenezer & Deborah (Blake) Tucker
William & Hannah (Tucker) Rowe
William & Susannah (Blaisdell) Rowe
Stephen & Elizabeth (Hilton) Rowe
Charles & Loann (Churchill) Rowe
George & Anna (Rowe) Hayes
Estes & Eva (Hayes) Yates
Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother

Line 3: - research is very preliminary on this line and more sources are needed 
Jasper & Deborah (Everard) Blake
Timothy & Naomi (Sleeper) Blake
Oliver & Ruth (Blake) Smith
Moses & Mehitable (Smith) Lyford
Oliver Smith & Elizabeth (Johnson) Lyford
David & Nancy (Lyford) Philbrick
Oliver Smith & Mary (Edgecomb) Philbrick
Benjamin & Jane (Matthews) Philbrick
Francis Llewellyn & Lizzie (Philbrick) Cotton
Ray Everett & Annie Florilla (Gibbs) Cotton
Fern Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother


  1. Hi Pam,
    Just found this link! yeah! I descend from Jasper three ways also, all thru Timothy and Naomi, Israel & Leah, Benj &Elizabeth, then three of his children, down to Israel and Mary (Blake). It is confusing but I have cleared up a few things, Spent 3 weeks in Portland ME in Sept. and that helped a lot. Oddly I also have 'Yates' in my Brown line, and Philbrick, Libby, and Cotton-but thru another line. I have immense pedigree collapse in New England! Hope to 'share' information with you. Maureen

    1. Maureen! It's great to find another connection to the Blakes and other lines. I would love to share info with you and see what we can do to untangle and clarify the lines we share.

  2. I Too desc from Jasper Blake & Timothy & Naomi Sleeper ..Almon Blake Born 1858 His Father is George W. Blake His Father is Timothy & His Father is Christopher born Barnstead NH7/20/1790 His Father is Timothy Married Tabitha Dameral 11/14/1780 Hampton NH His Father is Timothy born 10/4/1720 Hampton Falls,NH & His Wife is Joanna Mitchell Marr 4/30/1747 in Hampton Falls ,NH His Father is Timothy born 2/1/1686 Hampton NH He Married Naomi Sleeper & His Father is Jasper Blake He Married Deborah Everard 12/20/ Great Grand Father was Almon Blakes Son His Name was Archie Blake & His Son was my Grand Father Archie Blake born in 1905 in Laconia NH ...MY Mother Rachel Born in Laconia NH 1935 is His 4th Child..Hello Cousins

    1. It's always fun to make a cousin connection! Thanks for stopping by my blog.