Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Homefront

Google News Archive can turn up interesting finds about your ancestors. I found this blurb about my great-grandmother, Annie (Gibbs) Cotton. I wish she was still alive so I could ask her what she actually did as a neighborhood group leader. I love the artwork of the war posters so I thought I would include a few that target the efforts of those on the homefront.

The Lewiston Daily Sun - Feb. 26, 1943

Neighborhood Group Leaders, Mechanic Falls

Mechanic Falls - Mrs. Herberta Mitchell, chairman of the neighborhood group, has issued the names of the group leaders and their territory. These leaders' aim is to assist those in their alloted territory with authentic knowledge pertaining to the war effort and to be of such assistance as may be needed. The public will cooperate and make this organization a success by calling on their leaders when assistance is wanted:..Mitchell Street, Annie Cotton;....


  1. Just had to respond to this post, because I grew up in Mechanic Falls. My parents moved there in 1948, so weren't involved in the war effort, but my mother volunteered in the Ground Observer Corps in the 1950s. I wonder if we knew any of your Cotton relatives? I believe my oldest brother might have been in high school with at least one Cotton boy, and the wife of one of our neighbors was a Cotton.

    Also, having looked back at your older posts, you and I must be very distant cousins; I'm also descended from Francis Rand, through his son Thomas.

    The Down East Genealogist
    (Pine Trees and Pedigrees blog)

    1. Well, it's great to meet another cousin, Kathy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking around. Some Cotton cousins stayed in Mechanic Falls and my grandmother and her brother, Albert moved to Bethel.