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52 Ancestors #12 - John Moses

John Moses came to Casco (Maine) about 1631 and later he moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In a deposition on October 5, 1686, John Moses said his age was 70. This would make him born about 1616. He was married twice - his first wife was named Alice and she died before 1667; his second wife was named Anne and was the widow of John Jones. Anne died after January 6, 1680. 

It is believed that John Moses came to Casco as an apprentice. This is based on a grant of land given to him in 1646, “in consideration of seven years service as an apprentice performed unto us.” He became a freeman on October 2, 1666.

In October 1648, John and Alice Moses sued Nicholas and Elizabeth Rowe for slander alleging that Elizabeth said “Alice was George [Ellett’s] whore.” Elizabeth was given a choice of paying a fine of 5 pounds or publicly admitting she did wrong in the public meetinghouse at Dover and at Strawberry Bank. Elizabeth Rowe must have been quite a feisty woman because she said, the “court should kiss her arse,” and when this was reported, she was whipped. 

John Moses was appointed to be a member of the jury for trials being held on June 26, 1666 but he did not show up and was fined. However, the fine was waived after he explained that he was “hindered by wind and weather at the Iles of Sholes.” 

Children with Alice:
Elizabeth was born about 1642 and married Joseph Walker before 1662. 
Daughter (name unknown) was born about 1644 and married Thomas Creber. 
Mary was born about 1645 and married Ferdinando Huff. 
Joanna was born about 1649 and married Timothy Davis. 
Aaron was born about 1651 and married first Ruth Sherborne and second Mary.

Sarah was born about 1653 and was unmarried in 1679. There are no further records for her. 

My line:
John Moses
Aaron Moses
Ruth Moses
John Waterhouse
Lydia Waterhouse
Alice Garland
Richard Hayes
Sidney Hayes
George Hayes
Eva Delphinia Hayes
Linona Yates - my grandmother

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