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52 Ancestors #13 - Ellen Pell, Marriage Trifecta

It's difficult to find information about female colonial ancestors. However, Ellen Pell is very intriguing because of her three marriages. That is not unusual for colonial times given the illnesses and accidents that befell those trying to make a life in the colonies. What is unusual is that all three of her husbands are connected to my family lines.

Her first marriage was to a tailor, John Boynton, an early immigrant to Rowley, Massachusetts. She and John had seven children. Their oldest child, Capt. Joseph Boynton was born in 1645. John Boynton and Capt. Joseph Boynton are my 11th and 10th great-grandfathers, respectively.

Her second husband was Maximillian Jewett, another early immigrant to Rowley. He was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England and died in Rowley on October 19, 1684. They were married on August 30, 1671. Maximillian and his first wife, Ann, are my 9th great-grandparents through their daughter, Faith. This is the signature of Maximillian Jewett from an early deed.

Third time's a charm?

After Maximillian's death, Ellen married Daniel Warner, son of Great Migration immigrant, William Warner. They were married on June 1, 1686. Daniel's sister, Abigail Warner, is my 9th great-grandmother.

Maximillian Jewett & Ann
Faith Jewett
Sarah Dowse
Sarah Pinson
Thomas Capen
Thomas Capen, Jr.
Timothy Capen
Edward Abbott Capen
Fannie May Capen
T. Richard Carter - my grandfather on dad's side

William Warner & unknown wife
Abigail Warner - Sister of Ellen's third husband, Daniel
Thomas Wells
Joshua Bartlett
Lydia Bartlett
Nancy Ripley
Galen Blake
Charles Galen Blake
Harriet May Blake
Clayton Leonard Blake - my grandfather on mom's side

John Boynton & Ellen Pell
Joseph Boynton
Sarah Boynton
Susannah Tenney
Sarah Bailey
Sarah Emerson
Hannah Messer
Micajah Blake
Galen Blake
Charles Galen Blake - see above

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