Sunday, July 27, 2014

52 Ancestors #28 - Isaac Buswell

Isaac Buswell, my 11th great-grandfather, was a weaver who emigrated to Salisbury, Massachusetts about 1638 and became a freeman there in October 1640. I found information about him in The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts, by David W. Hoyt. Since this book was published in 1897, I decided to see what might have been published more recently and I found an article in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register from 2004, which detailed the English origins of this Buswell family. 

Isaac was born about 1592 in Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, England. According to British History Online, the name comes from the Old English personal name "Bar." The prefix 'Husbands' came into usage in the late 16th and early 17th century, probably to distinguish this village (made up of mostly husbandmen) from Market Bosworth. Isaac was the ninth child of eleven born to Roger & Margaret (___) Buswell and the grandson of John Buswell, yeoman & sheep farmer, & his first wife. Some sources state that Elizabeth Hall was the first wife of John Buswell. Isaac's sister and brother-in-law, Richard & Rebecca (Buswell) Smith settled in Wethersfield, Connecticut. 

Isaac was married three times. His first wife was possibly Elizabeth _____ and she was the mother of four of his six children. She was buried on April 20, 1631 in Husbands Bosworth. Isaac's second wife was Margaret______  and she died in Salisbury on September 29, 1642. It does not appear that they had any children. The third wife of Isaac Buswell was Susanna _____ and they married about 1644. She and Isaac had two children.

Isaac & Elizabeth

  1. Phebe was baptized on February 29, 1624, Husbands Bosworth. She married John Bill on May 2, 1645. 
  2. William was baptized on February 19, 1626, Husbands Bosworth. He was a weaver and planter. He married Sarah (____) and died on June 21, 1699, Salisbury, MA. 
  3. Samuel was baptized on August 17, 1628, Husbands Bosworth and died before July 27, 1704. He married Sarah Keyes in July 1656. He is called planter and husbandman. 
  4. Gabriel was baptized on April 3, 1631, Husbands Bosworth and buried there in May 1631. 
Isaac & Susanna
  1. Mary was born on August 29, 1645, Salisbury, MA. She married Philip Brown on June 24, 1669. 
  2. Isaac was born on July 29, 1650, Salisbury, MA. He married Mary Eastow on October 11, 1671.

Isaac Buswell died in Salisbury, Massachusetts on July 8, 1683. According to Find-A-Grave, he is buried in the Salisbury Colonial Burying Ground but there is no picture of a stone for him.

  1.  John Buswell
  2.  Roger & Margaret (____) Buswell
  3.  Isaac & Elizabeth (____) Buswell
  4. John & Phebe (Buswell) Gill
  5. Morris & Elizabeth (Gill) Tucker
  6. Joseph & Phebe (Page) Tucker
  7. Ebenezer & Deborah (Blake) Tucker
  8. William & Hannah (Tucker) Rowe
  9. William & Susanna (Blaisdell) Rowe
  10. Stephen & Elizabeth (Hilton) Rowe
  11. Charles & Loann (Churchill) Rowe
  12. George & Anna (Rowe) Hayes
  13. Estes & Eva (Hayes) Yates
  14. Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother
J.M. Lee, R.A. McKinley, "Husbands Bosworth," A History of the County of Leicestershire: Volume 5: Gartree Hundred, British History Online,


  1. Does anyone have any last names for any of Isaac's three wives, Elizabeth, Margaret, Susannah?

    1. It would have to be research done since 2004. As of 2004, the last names were still unknown.

  2. Does anyone have any last names for any of Isaac's three wives, Elizabeth, Margaret, Susannah?