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52 Ancestors #29 Henry Herrick

Henry Herrick was my 10th great-grandfather. He came from England about 1630 and settled in Salem and then Beverly, Massachusetts. His birth is estimated as about 1598 based on when he was released from training for defense and he died between November 24, 1670 and March 15, 1671. 

Henry was active in the community and was made a freeman on May 28, 1631. He was the constable in 1656. The job of the constable in colonial times was to collect the taxes. He signed with his mark but his inventory included "Four Bibles and Other Books," making it difficult to determine whether he was literate or not. He is called a "yeoman" in records.

Around 1634, Henry married Edith (or Editha) Laskin, daughter of Hugh Laskin. She was born in England about 1612 and is show in records as late as March 27, 1677. 

Henry & Edith had eight children: 

  1. Thomas born about 1634, married Hannah Ordway (but they divorced soon after citing his "impotency"). She is called his "reputed wife" in the court notes. 
  2. Zachariah was baptized on December 25, 1636 in Salem, married Mary Dodge, daughter of Richard, about 1654, and died in Beverly on May 20, 1695. The will of Richard Dodge, Sr. mentions "my daughter Mary Herrick's five daughters." 
  3. Ephraim was baptized on February 11, 1638 in Salem, married Mary Cross, daughter of Robert & Anna (Jordan), on July 2, 1661 in Salem, and died September 18 1693. 
  4. Henry was baptized on January 16, 1640 in Salem, married first Lydia (possibly Woodbury, not proved), married second Sarah (Alcock) Giddings, widow of John Giddings, daughter of John Alcock of York. 
  5. Joseph was baptized August 6, 1645 in Salem, married first Sarah Leach on February 7, 1665 in Beverly, married second Mary _____ bef 1686, married third on January 29, 1707 in Salem, Mary (Folsom) March, widow of George March, daughter of John Folsom.
  6. Elizabeth was born about 1647, married Philip Fowler on January 23, 1672 in Ipswich. 
  7. John was born about 1650, married Mary Reddington on May 25, 1674 in Beverly. 
  8. Benjamin was born before 1656 and died before March 27, 1677. His estate was divided among his siblings, except Thomas, who was curiously omitted and provided an income for his mother. 
There are a number of secondary sources for the Herrick family and many have tried to link Henry Herrick to Sir William Herrick of Beau Manor, Leicestershire, England but Robert Charles Anderson dismisses the claims in his Great Migration sketch of Henry Herrick. Anderson also dismisses claims that Henry Herrick came to New England in 1629 as a misinterpretation of the first list of Salem church members. These claims highlight the need to examine sources for oneself and attempt to locate primary sources whenever possible. 

My Herrick line is:
Henry Herrick & Editha Laskin
Zachariah Herrick & Mary Dodge
Sarah Herrick & Samuel Morgan
Luke Morgan & Ruth Stone
Luke Morgan & Martha Pulcifer
Samuel Morgan & Judith Dennen
Martha Morgan & William Yates
Moses Yates & Martha Whittle
Gilbert Yates & Laura Emmons
Estes Yates & Eva Hayes
Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother

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