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52 Ancestors #47 - Squire of the Little Village

Elias Mellen Carter was born on September 11, 1811 and was my third great-grandfather. He was the youngest son of Dr. Timothy & Frances (Freeland) Carter. He was reportedly not happy to be the one chosen to take over the farm but he did it because that it needed to be done. He married Irish immigrant, Rebecca Williamson and they had eleven children. I have written about their family before a few times and their lives were certainly not easy (see the links below). 
Home of 7 generations of Carters, including Elias Mellen Carter
This time I will focus on the sketch of Elias Mellen Carter in William B. Lapham's History of Bethel. The author recalls that Elias always lived at the farm in Middle Intervale and was the "squire" of the little village and recognized as its best man. The sketch professes that he was a man of "sound judgement and unwavering integrity" and a man possessing "candor, impartiality, and legal acumen." Although he was a farmer, he was very involved in public affairs. He was a town clerk, a selectman, a Representative to the state legislature, a County Commissioner, and a long-time Justice of the Peace. He is listed in town records as having performed numerous marriage ceremonies. The sketch ends with the author noting that Elias "was exceedingly popular with all classes." Elias M. Carter died on November 17, 1880. 
Signature: Your Brother, E, M, Carter ~ 

We Consider Her Very Dangerous
Thanksgiving in Paris
Letters of Elias M. Carter
Close Call - a fire in the home
Tragedy Strikes - The loss of 5 daughters to diphtheria

Elias Mellen & Rebecca (Williamson) Carter
Augustus Mellen & Mary Frances (Stanley) Carter
Edward Mellen & Fanny May (Capen) Carter
T. Richard Carter - my grandfather

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