Saturday, February 14, 2015

Romantic Encounter - 52 Ancestors #7

Jeffrey & Sarah (Vinson) Parsons are my 10th great-grandparents. The story of their meeting and romance is detailed in the following story. 

From The History the Town and City of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts, by James R. Pringle, 1892. 

"Jeffrey, according to tradition, gained his wife in a romantic manner. While journeying to town on a sultry summer day, weary and footsore, he sat down at Vinson's spring to rest and refresh himself. The house of William Vinson was hard by, and his beautiful daughter Sarah, observing the traveler, approached him with a drinking cup, the better to slake his thirst. Jeffrey was susceptible, and nothing unwilling, Sarah won a husband at the fountain, and they were married happily, Nov. 11, 1657." 

My Line:
Jeffrey Parsons, son of Jeffrey Parsons
Jeffrey Parsons, the third Jeffrey in a row! 
Jonathan Parsons
Abigail Parsons
William Rowe
William Rowe, Jr. 
Stephen B. Rowe
Charles H. N. Rowe
Anna J. Rowe
Eva Delphinia Hayes
Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother


  1. Jeffrey & Sarah Vinson Parsons are my 10th great-grandparents as well, through their daughter Sarah. I did not know this story. Thank you very much for digging this out.

    1. Hi Buddy - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's always nice to find a cousin!