Sunday, February 8, 2015

Birthday Matches - Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Randy Seaver issues a weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge. This week it is about birthdays. Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my direct line ancestor with the birthday closest to mine. You can read about John Whiting here

The challenge this week is to find out if any of your ancestors or their siblings (your cousins!), were born on your birthdate?   

1)  What is your birth date (not the year, only month and day)?

My birthday is July 18th.    

2)  Review your records, or use your genealogy management program to create a list of persons in your database born on your birthdate.  Are any of them your ancestors or siblings of your ancestor?  Tell us how you figured it out too.

I ran a report using RootsMagic to determine which ancestors, both direct and collateral lines, shared my birthday. There are no direct ancestors with my birthday, but I do share my birthday with a number of cousins. 

I came up with the following:

Eleazer Scott - b. 18 July 1654 - my sixth great-granduncle & my earliest match
Jonathan Gardner - b. 18 July 1669 - my first cousin, 10 times removed
Ephraim Ford - b. 18 July 1693 - my first cousin, 10 times removed
Sarah Whiting - b. 18 July 1703 - my first cousin, 10 times removed, twin 
Mary Whiting - b. 18 July 1703 - my first cousin, 8 times removed, twin
Dorcas Chandler - b. 18 July 1727 - my second cousin, 9 times removed
Michael Foster - b. 18 July 1727 - my second cousin, 7 times removed
Lydia Abbott - b. 18 July 1809 - my third great-grandaunt
John S. Morgan - b. 18 July 1832 - my first cousin, 5 times removed
Rebecca Williamson - b. 18 July 1838 - my first cousin, five times removed & my closest match

3)  List one or more of those born on your birthdate in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or on Facebook or Google+.  

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