Sunday, May 3, 2015

How Old Do You Look - Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

So this week's challenge from Randy Seaver is to have some fun with the "How Old Do You Look" app and your family photos. As you will see below, it could use some work. Sometimes I get a great (read much younger) age and sometimes it is so far off that I wonder if what I see in the mirror is real (I can't possibly look THAT old, right?). So without further ado, here are some of the pictures that I tried out using the app. 

My cousins and I with my grandparents in 1976. I don't know the exact age of all my cousins so I had to estimate. My poor cousin, Rusty, evidently looks like an old man! 
Five generations - got my great-grandmother's gender wrong, but it didn't have any huge errors (unlike some of the other attempts). April 1982.
September 1992 - Ages should be 6 (not bad), 9 months(not bad), 10 (WAY OFF) and 8 (not bad but I don't think he would like looking younger than is little brother). 
My college graduation in 1993. I'm almost 30 and mom is only 54.
Me and my youngest son in 1994. I like this one...
Last fall - 5 Generations - the oldest two come off the best with guesses that are 12 years younger than their actual ages. Five years added to mine, two years added to my grandson, and eleven years added to my son - must be the facial hair! 

Last summer after a haircut - I was almost 51.

The takeaway seems to be not to take this very seriously. It depends on the angle, the quality of the photo, and many other factors. It didn't even get the gender right in a number of the photos of people I tried. 

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