Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Genealogy Goals

Time to do a reboot! My blogging really declined last year. I focused more on researching and didn't get much of it written into blog posts. I also did a lot more with helping other people, especially my students, with their research. I feel like I lost a bit of my passion for the writing part and I'm going to try to recapture it for 2017.

Last year, I only had 41 posts. This is in comparison to 109 in 2015, 79 in 2014, 76 in 2013, and 77 in 2012.  I may have had a bit of burnout after 2015.

Some highlights of 2016 were

  • My trips to the New England Genealogical and Historical Society for research 
  • My trips to the Maine State Library in Augusta. 
  • Renewed my membership in the Maine Genealogical Society AND attended two special events where I got to hear Joshua Taylor and Judy Russell impart their wisdom. I strengthened my connections with other Maine genealogists. I still haven't made it to a monthly meeting of the Greater Portland Chapter but perhaps I can do that at least a few times this year. 
  • Went to more cemeteries than any previous year, created Findagrave memorials for my ancestors and others and filled some photo requests. 
  • Took over as treasurer of the Middle Intervale Cemetery Association. This cemetery has many of my ancestors including 5 direct line generations of Carters. 
  • Two other events kept me busy this year will be of interest to future generations - my son, Josh, got married in June and my second grandson, Andrew Elias Taylor, was born in August. 


  1. 80 blog posts
  2. Attend more genealogy events, including monthly meetings of the local Maine chapter
  3. Continue to travel to cemeteries and photograph for myself and others
  4. Go to NEHGS several times for research
  5. Go to the Maine State Library several times for research
  6. Continue to add citations to my database 
  7. Learn more about DNA and its use in genealogy
  8. Get a genealogy club going at the high school/continue to help others learn about genealogy
Of course, I need to fit this all in around my work demands. That is definitely what puts the biggest obstacles up for me! 

Check out some posts that I didn't promote on Facebook because I got sidetracked and wasn't paying attention to my blog.


  1. What a great idea to do a genealogy club at the high school. I have also wondered if I could start a family history club at my kids' elementary school. Would love to hear about this if it pans out in future posts!

  2. Hi Pam. I think we share some common ancestors. If I remember correctly, your John Cotton is a brother to my 2x great grandfather, Thomas Hathaway Cotton. Their parents were William Cotton and Tryphenia Lunt. I would love to share information with you! My email is