Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We're Related (Maybe)

The We're Related app from is fun and interesting. It's not to be taken seriously though. I'm investigating some of the connections it's found that look promising. However, I've found almost an equal number of suggested connections that are implausible or impossible.

For me, the biggest frustration comes from incorrect lines where the mother of my great-grandfather, Ray Everett Cotton, is listed as Lillie Esther Shaw. I admit that I thought she was his mother for a long time before I figured out the truth. His mother was Lizzie Philbrick. She was only married to his father, Francis Llewellyn Cotton, for about two years before she divorced him for keeping company of "certain lewd women."

Other issues occur when the line has the child born after a parent is dead or born when the parents were much too young. Some go into the 16th century and I don't trust the "across-the-pond" connections.

One thing I'll explore this year with some of my blog posts are these POSSIBLE connections to famous people. Perhaps you'll recognize an ancestor of yours and we'll find a cousin connection!

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