Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blacksheep Sunday - The Bad Son

My ancestor, Diman Perry, moved to Maine after the Revolutionary War. In 1800, he was married for the second time and most of his children were grown and presumably self-supporting. However, I found this notice on the Genealogy Bank web site. Diman, Jr. was not quite 19 years old and seems to have gotten himself into a bit of money trouble. Because they shared a name, I'm sure Diman, Sr. wanted to distance himself from his son's financial issues. I find the words "harbour" and "trust" particularly interesting and wonder what debts young Diman had accrued and if he had an issue with telling the truth.

The Gazette, Portland, Maine - Vol. III, Issue 127, Page 3
Monday, September 29, 1800
Accessed on Genealogy
ALL persons are hereby forbidden to harbour, trust, trade with, or employ, on my account, Diman Perry, jun. as I will not be answerable for any obligations he may contract.
Diman Perry
Poland, August 25, 1800

Family of Diman Perry
With first wife, Nabby Cushing, married April 28, 1763:
Anna - November 28, 1764
Barnabas - December 3, 1766
Nehemiah - September 3, 1769
Nabby - November 6, 1772

With second wife, Susannah Lincoln, marrried December 30, 1773:
Penelope - March 2, 1775
Levi - February 16, 1776
Thomas - September 26, 1778
Alice - June 10, 1780
Diman, Jr. - December 18, 1781
Apphia - August 19, 1783
Betty - August 27, 1785
Gad - February 26, 1788

I don't believe he had any children with his third wife, Hannah House.

Apphia married Moses Judkins.
Betsy Judkins m. Calvin Cole, Jr.
Apphia Delphinia Cole m. Sydney Hayes
George Hayes m. Anna J. Rowe
Eva Delphinia Hayes m. Estes Gilbert Yates
Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother


  1. Hi cuz. I descend from Dimon through Gad (1788-1865) and Lebbeus (1818-1890) --- I think???

    I am looking for Perry descendants who have DNA tested or are thinking of doing so. The reason for this is that I have conflicting information about the identity of my grandfather's mother. She may be a Perry or a Thurlow. I have started a autosonal FamilyTree DNA project titled "Perry-Thurlow_Maine" and would welcome anyone with Maine Perry (or Thurlow) genes to join and help me out.

    I am pretty fussy about posting my personal e-mail in public places. I am leaving this comment using a friends account. If anyone wants to contact me, use the following e-mail (or join the project and use the project mail system) and my friend will get back to you with my personal e-mail address. I also have a tree at Ancestry that I will share a link to with any descendants.

    mystuffbp at roadrunner dot com

    Thanks in advance to anyone reading this that is considering helping.

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    Happy new year from Utrecht, The Netherlands!

    1. Thank you, Joan! I'll definitely check out the other posts you included too.