Wednesday, February 19, 2014

52 Ancestors - #1 George Allen

I'm coming late to the party on this challenge but needed to take a brief respite from blogging as life got in the way. I decided that documenting some of my Great Migration ancestors would be a great motivator for this challenge.

George Allen is my 10th great-grandfather in the line of my great-grandmother, Annie Florilla (Gibbs) Cotton. It is not known where George and his family were in England before they sailed for America but it is believed that he arrived in Weymouth, Massachusetts in 1635. He later moved to Sandwich, Massachusetts. George had his name put forward for freeman of Plymouth Colony on March 5, 1638/9 and was admitted on September 3, 1639. He held a few offices including constable of Sandwich, surveyor of highways and served as deputy for Sandwich to the General Court in Plymouth in the years 1640, 1641, 1642, and 1644.

George Allen married twice and had five children with each wife for a total of nine sons and 1 daughter. The name of his first wife is unknown and the name of his second wife was Katherine.

1. John Allen b. abt. 1610, married Christian. My line descends from this couple. 
2. Robert Allen b. abt. 1614 and d. bef. 1661, does not appear to have married.
3. Ralph Allen b. abt. 1617, married possibly Susanna.
4. George Allen b. abt. 1619, married Hannah.
5. Rose Allen b. abt. 1621, married twice - Joseph Holway (Holloway, Holley), and William Newland.
6. William Allen b. abt. 1627, married Priscilla Browne.
7. Mathew Allen b. abt. 1629, married Sarah Kirby.
8. Henry Allen b. abt. 1631, married Sarah Hill.
9. Samuel Allen b. abt 1633, nfr.
10. Gideon Allen b. abt 1635, m. Sarah Prudden, daughter of Rev. Peter Prudden.

George Allen
John Allen
Deborah Allen
Lydia Bucklin
Deborah Barrows
Content Benson
Rachel Barrows
Asa Freeman Ellingwood
Nina King Ellingwood
Annie Florilla Gibbs
Fern Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother

Great Migration 1634-1635, A-B. (Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2008.) Originally published as: The Great Migration, Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume 1, A-B, by Robert Charles Anderson, George F. Sanborn, Jr., and Melinde Lutz Sanborn. Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1999.

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