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52 Ancestors #4 - Thomas Howlett

Thomas Howlett was born about 1606 based on a deposition taken in 1658 but his English origin is unknown. He died in Ipswich between Nov 4, 1677 and Sept 10, 1678 - the dates when his will was written and when it was proved and his inventory taken. He is my 9th great-grandfather through my grandmother, Linona (Yates) Blake. He came to Boston in 1630 and his emigration date can be estimated as late in that year based on his admission to the Boston church as member number 51. In 1633, he moved to Ipswich and became a freeman on March 4, 1633/4. He served on juries in 1645, 1657, and 1665 and on the Essex grand jury in 1650, 1654, 1659, 1666, and 1667. 

Like many, he was primarily a farmer but he seems to have done a considerable amount of surveying as seen by these events.       
-       On a surveying expedition up the Merrimack in June 1639
-       Committee to determine bounds between Salem and Ipswich in 1643
-       Committee to lay out bounds between Haverhill and Salisbury 1650
-       Committee to lay out six hundred acres to Major Daniel Dennison in 1654
-       Committee to settle the line between Rowley and Newbury in 1655
-       Committee to settle the bounds between Hampton and Salisbury in Nov 1656
-       Committee to lay out land for Governor John Endicott in May 1656
-       Committee to consider the claim to Jeffrey’s Creek 1660
-       Committee to determine bounds between Ipswich and Wenham in 1669

Thomas Howlett married Alice French about 1637. She was the daughter of Thomas French and was baptized April 9, 1610 at Assington, Suffok, England. She was the mother of all his children. After her death, he married Rebecca, widow of Thomas Smith. Rebecca outlived him and died Nov 1, 1680 at Newbury.

Children with Alice
1.     Thomas born about 1637; married Lydia Peabody.
2.     Sarah born about 1639; married John Cummings
3.     John born about 1643; married Susanna Hudson.
4.     Mary born about 1645; married John Perley
5.    Samuel born about 1646; married Sarah Clark
6.     William born about 1650; married Mary Perkins
7.     Nathaniel died April 28, 1658.

Thomas Howlett
Samuel Howlett
Mary Howlett
Jacob Wildes
Ephram Wildes
Molly Wildes
Jacob Emmons
Laura Emmons
Estes Gilbert Yates
Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother

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