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Closest To My Birthday, John Whiting - 52 Ancestors #4

This week's theme in the 52 Ancestors Challenge is to blog about the ancestor who has his or her birthday closest to your own (month, day). 

Birth Record of John Whiting
John Whiting is my 7th great-grandfather and he was born in 19 July 1665 in Wrentham or Dedham, Massachusetts to Nathaniel and Hannah (Dwight) Whiting and died in 1732 in the same area. He was married twice, first to Mary Billings, daughter of William and Mary ( ? ) Billings, on Christmas Eve in 1688, and second to Sarah (possibly Pond) Holbrook. 

John served as a a selectman in 1708, 1707, 1711, 1712, 1713, 1714, and 1715. His will names his wife Sarah, sons Nathaniel, John, and Eliphalet, daughters Mary Mann, Jerusha Slack, Jemima Wight, Zabiah Ware, Hannah Fisher, and Phebe Whiting and a grandson, Lewis Sweeting. 

He came from a family of millers, including his father and several brothers. In fact, Whiting descendants ran a mill in the area until 1823 when Hezekiah Whiting sold the right to Jabez Chickering (Whiting Genealogy). 

Children of John & Mary (Billings) Whiting:

  1. Nathaniel b. 2 Feb 1691
  2. Mary b. 14 Oct 1692
  3. John b. 16 Jan 1695
  4. Jerusha b. 2 Nov 1697
  5. Jemima b. 5 Dec 1699
  6. Zabiah b. 29 Dec 1701
  7. Eliphalet b. 16 Sep 1705
  8. Hannah b. 13 Feb 1707
  9. Abigail b. 2 Oct 1708
  10. Phebe b. 18 Jun 1710

My line: 
John Whiting
Jemima Whiting - 5th child of John & Mary (Billings) Whiting
Joseph Wight
Abigail Wight
Roxanna Spurr
Mary Frances Stanley
Edward Mellen Carter 
Thomas Richard Carter - my grandfather

Whiting Genealogy

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