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The Odds of Survival - 52 Ancestors #37

James & Mary (Cogan) Glass were my 11th great-grandparents. They never came to America, but their surviving children did make the trip across the ocean. Mary gave birth to twelve children, but only four lived to adulthood, Amy, James, Roger, and Henry. It is hard to imagine the loss of eight children. James and Mary also died relatively young. James was deceased by February 22, 1638 and his wife was also deceased, so his children were left to make their own way in the world.

The boys are listed as servants or apprentices of various Great Migration immigrants. It seems likely that Amy was also a servant to another family when she made the voyage to Massachusetts.

The children of James & Mary (Cogan) Glass.
  1. Henry was baptized on August 11, 1614 and likely died before a second Henry was baptized in September 1624. 
  2. Mary was baptized on February 2, 1618 and there are no further records - see below. 
  3. Amy was baptized on December 10, 1618 and lived to adulthood. 
  4. James is tentatively identified as belonging to this family and was probably born about 1620 based on the pattern of births. He lived to adulthood and was listed as a servant to his uncle, Henry Cogan and also a servant of Manasseh Kempton. Manasseh Kempton was my 10th great-granduncle. 
  5. Roger was baptized on August 7, 1623 and lived to adulthood.  Roger was apprenticed to John Crocker and later to John Whetcombe. 
  6. Henry (the second of that name) was baptized on September 26, 1624 and lived to adulthood.  He was a servant of Henry Phelps and later Nicholas Phelps. 
  7. Joan was baptized on January 28, 1627 and buried on July 12, 1627. 
  8. Unnamed daughter was buried on October 10, 1628 (possibly Mary above). 
  9. Joane (the second of that name) was baptized on April 2, 1629 and buried on May 1, 1640. 
  10. Richard was buried on August 24, 1629. 
  11. Peter was baptized on August 28, 1631 and buried on August 10, 1637. 
  12. Thamazen was baptized on January 26, 1635 and there are no further records.
July 12, 1627 - Joan #1
October 10, 1628 - Unnamed daughter
August 24, 1629 - Richard
August 10, 1637 - Peter
May 1, 1640 - Joan #2

No records of death for Henry, Mary, Thamazen.

Amy Glass married Richard Willis in Plymouth, Massachusetts on October 11, 1639. Richard died before 1645 and they only had one child, Richard Willis, Jr. He was born between 1641-1642. She married Edward Holman after Richard's death. At the age of 7, Richard Willis, step-son of Edward Holman was apprenticed to Giles Rickard, a weaver. Amy and Edward do not appear to have had any children and she is presumed to have died by 1648 when the apprenticeship was arranged.

James & Mary (Cogan) Glass
Amy (Glass) Willis
Richard Willis, Jr.
Ruhamah (Willis) Rogers
Experience (Rogers) Totman
Deborah (Totman) Barrows
Asa Alden Barrows
Rachel (Barrows) Ellingwood
Asa Freeman Ellingwood
Nina K. (Ellingwood) Gibbs
Annie F. (Gibbs) Cotton
Fern Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother

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