Saturday, February 13, 2016

Falmouth (Portland) Maine Church Baptisms & Admissions

In honor of the February birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, here are some records from the First Church of Falmouth, Maine. Falmouth is now Portland. You probably don't think of slaves being part of life in New England, but a little research reveals its existence was much more common than one might believe.

page 5
Traphena, negro child belonging to Maj. Moodey and born in his house.

page 15
Coffee, a negro man servant to Mr. Bucknam, a.

page 19
Adults baptised
Phillis, a negro servant belonging to Mrs. Frost, b.
Rose, a negro servant belonging to Moses Pearson, Esq., b.

page 29
Portsmouth, negro, c. Sept. 26.

page 49 - The following persons were married by the Rev. Thomas Smith. These records are in the handwriting of Mr. Smith, all upon one page, but as the ink has at least three shades it is not probably that all were recorded at one sitting. Why he omitted to enter upon the church book his earlier and later marriages is not explained.

Negro Prince and Indian

page 73
Hager, a negro child belonging to Jeremy Riggs, August 13, 1727.
Hager, a negro child belonging to myself, 1739.

page 103
Triphena, a negro child belonging to Maj. Moody, and born in his house, 1726.
Triphosa, a negro child belonging to Samuel Moody, who came under particular engagements for its religious education, June 10, 1733.

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