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52 Ancestors #18 - Godfrey Dearborn

Dearborn monument in Founders' Park, Hampton, N.H.

Godfrey Dearborn came to New Hampshire and signed a compact with other followers of the Rev. John Wheelwright. Rev. Wheelwright was the brother-in-law of Anne Hutchinson, and suspected of espousing the similar antinomianism views. Godfrey lived in Exeter for about ten years before moving to Hampton. I have not found any record of his arrival in America or a record that bears the name of his wife. His first wife, the mother of his children, died between 1650 and 1662. On November 25, 1662, Godfrey married Dorothy Dalton, widow of Philemon Dalton. 

Children of Godfrey Dearborn and his first wife:

  1. Henry Dearborn was born in England about 1633 and died on January 18, 1725. He married Elizabeth Merriam on January 10, 1666. 
  2. Thomas Dearborn was born in England about 1634 and died on April 14, 1710. He married Hannah Colcord on December 28, 1665. 
  3. Esther Dearborn married Richard Shortridge. 
  4. Sarah Dearborn married Thomas Nudd on December 9, 1659. 
  5. John Dearborn was born about 1643 and died on November 14, 1730. He married Mary Ward on December 12, 1672. 
One other daughter is believed to have been part of this family based on information in wills. 

I have three lines of descent from this immigrant. 

Godfrey Dearborn - 10th great-grandfather
Henry Dearborn
Samuel Dearborn - brother of Deacon John Dearborn below.
Mary Dearborn
Benjamin Blake
David Blake
Micajah Blake
Galen Blake
Charles G. Blake
Harriet May Blake
Clayton Leonard Blake - my grandfather married to Linona Alice Yates.

Godfrey Dearborn - 11th great-grandfather
Henry Dearborn 
Deacon John Dearborn
Elizabeth Dearborn
John Garland
Richard Garland
Alice Garland
Richard Hayes
Sydney Hayes
George Hayes
Eva Delphinia Hayes
Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother

Godfrey Dearborn - 11th great-grandfather
John Dearborn
Ann Dearborn
Ann Philbrick
Mary Marston
Hannah Prescott
Mary Edgecomb
Benjamin Perley Philbrick
Lizzie Philbrick
Ray Everett Cotton
Fern Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother

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