Wednesday, May 21, 2014

52 Ancestors #21 - George Morton

I am related to the Great Migration immigrant, George Morton, through three of his five children. George came to Plymouth Colony on the Anne in 1623 and unfortunately died less than a year after that. He was a merchant in England.

The book, New England Memorial, written by Nathaniel Morton, son of George, describes the immigrant in very flattering terms. Of course he may have been a bit biased.
"Two of the principal passengers that came in this ship were Mr. Timothy Hatherly and Mr. George Morton... The latter of the two forenamed, namely Mr. George Morton, was a pious, gracious, servant of God, and very faithful in whatsoever public employment he was betrusted, withal, and an unfeigned well willer, and according to his sphere and condition, a suitable promoter of the common good and growth of the plantation of New Plimouth; laboring to still the discontents that sometimes would arise
amongst some spirits by reason of difficulties of these new beginnings but it pleased God to put a period to his days soon after his arrival in New England, not surviving a full year after his coming ashore. With much comfort and peace he fell asleep in the Lord, in the month of June, anno 1624."

George Morton - 11th great-grandfather
Patience Morton
Mary Faunce
Mary Harlow
Ebenezer Dunham
John Dunham
James Dunham
Florilla Dunham
Nina K. Ellingwood
Annie Florilla Gibbs
Fern Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother

George Morton - 11th great-grandfather
Sarah Morton
Ruth Bonum
George Barrows
Moses Barrows
Asa Alden Barrows
Nina K. Ellingwood - see above

George Morton - 11th great-grandfather
Sarah Morton
Patience Bonum
Ruhamah Willis
Experience Rogers
Deborah Totman
Asa Alden Barrows - see above

George Morton - 12th great-grandmother
Nathaniel Morton
Mary Morton
Eleazer Dunham
Mercy Dunham
Mary Kempton
Rebecca Burbank
Hannah Keene
Timothy Cox
Christiana Cox
Francis Llewellyn Cotton
Ray Everett Cotton
Fern Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother

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