Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Mother's Birthdate

Randy Seaver's weekly challenge is to use your mother's birthday and find out what day of the week it was when she was born, 5 historical events that happened on that day, and five famous people born on that day. 

My mother was born on April 23rd and it was a Sunday. 

Historic events on April 23rd: 

  • In 1939, Boston Red Sox great, Ted Williams hit his first home run. 
  • In 1951, Babe Didrikson-Zaharias won the LPGA Richmond Women's Golf Open.
  • In 1962, the first U.S. satellite to reach the moon was launched.
  • In 1969, Sirhan Sirhan was sentenced to death for killing Bobby Kennedy. 
  • In 1985, New Coke debuts

Also born on April 23rd: 
  • 1564 - William Shakespeare
  • 1791 - James Buchanan, 15th president of the U.S. 
  • 1813 - Stephen Douglas, Illinois senator famous for his debates with Abraham Lincoln. 
  • 1928 - Shirley Temple Black, child actress and U.S. ambassador
  • 1936 - Roy Orbison, singer/songwriter

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