Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Long & Short Of It - 52 Ancestors #5

I've deviated from the blog theme suggested for this week because I couldn't come up with a good story for "plowing through."

Robert Long, my 10th great-grandfather, was born about 1621 and died at the age of 68 in Newbury, Massachusetts on December 27, 1690 of small pox.
This seems to be the beginning of an outbreak because the History of Newbury, states that "on March 10, 1691, the selectmen were ordered to see that all persons infected with small-pox were removed to some isolated place, and provided with nurses and attended. They were also ordered to supply food and clothing to persons so removed, and to the families of those who were unable to take care of themselves." Robert's wife, Alice died during this time period also but I haven't found any notation on her cause of death. She died on January 17, 1691.

There is really very little information that I have found about this ancestor. However, his marriage is interesting because...

In 1647, Robert Long married Alice Short!

Children of Robert & Alice (Short) Long:
  1. Mary b. 24 Feb 1648
  2. Abiel b. 19 Feb 1649
  3. Rebecca (uncertain birthdate) m. Nicholas Rawlins
  4. Susanna b. 14 Nov 1656
  5. A daughter b. 26 Mar 1659 and d. 4 April 1659
  6. Shubael b. 14 April 1661
  7. A son b. 16 April 1664; may have died young
  8. John (uncertain birthdate); living in 1691
  9. Martha b. 20 May 1669

My Line:
Robert Long
Rebecca Long
Rebecca Rawlins
Rebecca Rogers
Stephen Blaisdell
Susannah Blaisdell
Stephen Blaisdell Rowe
Charles H. N. Rowe
Anna J. Rowe
Eva Delphinia Hayes
Linona Alice Yates

Old Families of Amesbury & Salisbury

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  1. Great name combination! I was told in work by another office to work with a Mr. Long and a Ms. Hard...I was so jealous, because if they worked for me I could say "I worked Long and Hard on it!"