Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's Your Ancestor Score?

This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun topic is your ancestor score. I created my table and determined my score the same way, Randy Seaver did in his post. I created an ahnentafel and counted the number of names to create a table. 
My ancestor score for 10 generations is:
  • Number of known ancestral names = 500
  • Number of possible ancestral names = 1023
  • 10 generation ancestral number is 500/1023 = 48.8%
For extra credit - My 15 generation score is 3256 known ancestors out of 32767  for 9.9%

That means I'm a little under halfway for 10 generations and still have 90% for 15 generations to find. Yikes! I have thousands of names - how can I still have so much to do? 

I saw that someone had done this for two years in a row and could see her progress on her tree. I think I'll try to do that for next year. 

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