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2014 Accentuate the Positive

Jill Ball who writes the blog, GeniAus, has issued her annual reminder to genealogy researchers to focus on all you have accomplished in the past year. I didn't write a post for last year but I decided I should do one for this year. Those who participate in this challenge delete or modify the prompts depending on their personal circumstances so check out all her original ideas of things to celebrate! 

An elusive ancestor I found was Ellen Pell who turned out to be connected to my tree in three different ways. 

A precious family photo I found was a picture of my grandparents that my cousin, Justine, sent to me. Later my mother went through her pictures and gave me a bunch to scan during the coming year. 
Clayton & Linona "Peggy" Blake

An ancestor's grave I found was that of Harriet May Blake, my grandfather's mother. 

An important record I found was my 5th great-grandfather's name on a list of Revolutionary War participants. He was a Revolutionary War surgeon and trained his son-in-law, my 4th great-grandfather. 

A newly found family member shared some DNA. Okay, maybe that is stretching the meaning of this one abit but I am thrilled to actually be getting some genuine matches on my Ancestry DNA. I also uploaded my results to Family Tree DNA and Gedmatch but I'm still trying to figure it all out. 

A geneasurprise I received was my Christmas present from my sons, daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law-to-be, and grandson. They paid for 2 nights in the Providence Biltmore with parking and my registration to the New England Regional Genealogical Conference! I am so excited because I didn't think I would be able to go but they thought of and arranged everything. 

My 2014 blog post that I was particularly proud of was 
The Importance of Family because it was so difficult to write about losing my uncle and little did I know that I would lose his younger brother, my favorite uncle, just a few weeks later. I still haven't been able to write about him but maybe this year. 

My 2014 blog post that received a large number of hits or comments was Humphrey Atherton's Quaker Curse?

A new piece of software I mastered was RootsMagic. I'm not sure I've mastered it but I was looking for a program that was similar to Legacy but would run on a Mac. RootsMagic came out with a "bridge" version so I can run it on my computer. I still really love Legacy Family Tree but they need a Mac version. 

A social media tool I enjoyed using for genealogy was Facebook because I get lots of comments there on the blog posts that I share, the groups for various genealogy topics, and it helps me find new connections to others researching the same areas or ancestors. 

 I am proud of the presentation  (direction) I gave to my students who chose to research their families for their end-of-the-year project in my U.S. History class. You can read some of their accomplishments in research in my post, Family History Project 2014

A genealogy book that taught me something new was A Storm of Witchcraft by Emerson W. Baker. I'm not finished reading it yet but many of my ancestors are part of the history of this time.  

A new genealogy/history book I enjoyed was A Knock At The Door: A Mother's Survival of the Armenian Genocide by Margaret Anhert. It was painful to read at times but it was an important reminder of listening to the stories of our parents and grandparents and trying to understand them before it's too late. 

It was exciting (for my grandson) to finally meet my grandmother and to get a five- generation picture taken. 

Five Generations

Linona "Peggy" Blake, seated
Cameron Stephen Taylor, Pamela Carter, holding Samuel Owen Taylor, and Myrna White
A geneadventure I enjoyed was revisiting the Pemaquid Museum. I know now that John Cogswell, whose trunk survived the wreck of the Angel Gabriel at Pemaquid in 1635, is my 11th great-grandfather. 
2012 Post

Another positive I would like to share is that I love the interactions with other geneabloggers! They are such a friendly bunch and so helpful. I really enjoy the inspiration they give me to continue to tell my ancestors' stories. 
Jill Ball's blog, GeniAus Accentuate the Positive Challenge

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  1. Isn't it great that you got a five generation photo! Sad about losing both uncles in one year though. I also know what you mean about DNA!