Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Violating the Sabbath - Elizabeth Eddy

Samuel and Elizabeth (___) Eddy had to put three of their sons out to live and work in other families because they could not afford to bring them up. I wrote about this in 2012: Too Many Mouths To Feed. Here are some other references to the Eddy family.

Samuel Eddy regularly hired one of the cows which were maintained for the town's poor [PTR 1:4, 19, 20, 27, 28]. 

On 7 October 1651 the grand jury presented "Elizabeth Eeddy, Seni[or], of the town of Plym[outh], for laboring, that is to say, for wringing and hanging out clothes, on the Lord's day, in time of public exercise" [PCR2:173]. 

On 1 May 1660, "Elizabeth Eedey was summoned to the Court, and appeared, to make answer for her traveling on the Lord's day from Plymouth to Boston; and affirmed that she was necessitated to go on that day, in regard to Mistris Saffin was very weak and sent for her, with an earnest desire to see her in her weakness, with some other pleas of like nature. The Court considering some circumstances in her answer, although they saw not a sufficient excuse for her fact therein, saw cause to admonish her, and so she was discharged of the Court" [PCR 3:186]. 

Children of Samuel & Elizabeth (___) Eddy include: (There may have been more since both Samuel and Elizabeth are referred to as "senior" but there is no other evidence.)
  1. John was born on December 25, 1637. 
  2. Zachariah was born about 1639. 
  3. Caleb was born about 1643. 
  4. Obadiah was born about 1645. 
  5. Hannah was born in June 1647. 
Samuel Eddy
John Eddy
Alice Eddy
Giles Leach
Elizabeth Leach
Lucy Shurtleff
Calvin Cole, Sr. 
Calvin Cole, Jr. 
Apphia Cole
George Hayes
Eva D. Hayes
Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother

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