Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My DNA Profile started a new DNA testing program that is open by invitation only while it is in Beta testing. Because I've been a customer for quite awhile, I received an email invitation to take part in this program and they were offering a significant discount to those who accepted. Having seen the testing done on Finding Your Roots, the PBS show about celebrity genealogy, I was intrigued to find out what my DNA would say about my ancestors. My own research has shown that most of my ancestors from both my father's and my mother's families came from the British Isles to the American colonies in the early 1600s. While I figured I would have predominantly British ancestry, I was still surprised when the results came back as 100% British Isles.  No traces of intermingling genes with marauding Vikings or Barbarians, no evidence of dalliances with Frenchmen, Germans, or Italians...I seem to be about as white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant as it is possible for one to be. A bit boring to some but it does make tracing ancestors a bit easier. 
It does seem to explain my love for the British Isles. And why it is that I felt so comfortable and at home whenever I've visited England or Scotland. So I'll continue to embrace my ancestors and the culture I love. I'll find diversity in friends to make up for the lack of diversity in my genes. I had a great time last year helping my students trace their family trees to Italy, Scandinavia, and Germany. 


  1. That's what I expect to get on my DNA test, too. I've been disappointed that in thirty years I haven't found a single Irish ancestor, or even the hint of someone with a surname that would lead to someplace exotic (like southern Europe? Eastern Europe?) I guess when I married a Spaniard I spiced up the family tree a bit...

  2. My DNA results came back 78% British Isles and 16% Scandinavian (and 6% unknown). The Scandinavian DNA was a total surprise until I read the explanation about the Vikings, etc. which made sense.

    How surprising to have 100% British Isles! No dalliances at all?

    Similar to Heather, when I married a man of Eastern European Jewish ancestry, I certainly spiced up my family tree...

  3. Hey, I just noticed that you're listed as a possible 5th - 8th cousin on my AncestryDNA page. By my calculations, we're 4th cousins once removed. I guess this confirms our Emmons/Morgan connection.