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He Died Easy and Happy - 52 Ancestors #21

The letter no wife wants to get. A fellow soldier wrote to Harriet C. (Bean) Brown to let her know her husband had died in a hospital in Louisiana. Simeon F. Brown was serving with the 12th Maine Infantry, Company D. The image quality, handwriting, and spelling leave a lot to be desired but here is my best attempt at a transcription. It is a kind note and I wonder how well Harriet knew the author. Simeon was buried first at Cypress Grove and later moved to Chalmette National Cemetery. His name is on a tombstone in the East Bethel Cemetery where his wife is buried. 

Caselton Camp Parish? 
in ?  5, 1863

It is with regret
that I pen you a few 
lines informing you
of your Husbands + my
Friends Misfortunes in 
Ware abroad as well as at 
home life is not but a dream
here to day + thare tomorrow
You have been aware of 
his sickness. When he 
was first sick he was 
taken to the hospittle at
Caselton only 2 miles
from our incampment.
I was often to see him 
but he had to bee removed 
to the Marine Hospittle that
being at New Orleans at
this phase they have things 
in good shape. The nurses
are all ? + are
called Sisters of Charity
+ no doubt but he had good
care. His disease was the 
Swamp Fever with the diarhierr. 
He has gone to the land of
dreames + is better off 
thare no doubt. He left ous
about 11oc P.M. Jan the 9. 
I was not thare at the
time of his death. I have 
seen the Doctor + his nurse
she (scribble) told me that he
was not in no very great
pain + died easy + also
happy. You may think that 
strange by not receiving
newes before but I have 
been waiting to get his
money to send home
but not nowing when 
we shall get paid ??
I now give you the 
response. I tride to get 
his clothes to send to you 
but owing to thare being
no recriasion (requisition?) being maid
out I could not get them. 
This was owing to the
neglance of our Officers
Thare is between $60 + $70 dollars
coming to you + I will 
be forwarding to you as soon 
as we are paid off
+ now I hope you will
excuse the neglance of 
me not riting before
my best respects
to you Madam + 
????. Write me
soon as you (get - scribbled out)
receive this + I will
give you more particulars. 
Give my respects
to Orpha + ??
my health is good
I must now go
on drill ? the
same as usual 
Your Friend, 
James K. Pinkham

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Simeon is the ancestor of my grandfather, Clayton L. Blake. 

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