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The Epitomy of Pedigree Collapse - 52 Ancestors #23

This week's 52 ancestors theme is weddings. No good wedding stories come to mind so I thought I would outline all the marriages that link me back to the immigrants, George & Hannah (Chandler) Abbott.

George & Hannah (Chandler) Abbott had thirteen children, including seven sons who lived to carry on the Abbott name. Add to the confusion with other immigrants with the Abbott surname and untangling the Abbotts is not an easy task. The descendants of George & Hannah also had a habit of marrying cousins so my lines are very interesting. Given the difficulties, I welcome any corrections that might send me off chasing more Abbotts. This is done to the best of my ability at this point in time. 
  1. John b. 2 March 1648 m. Sarah Barker
  2. Joseph b. 11 March 1649 - d. young
  3. Hannah b. 9 June 1650
  4. Joseph b. 30 March 1652 - d. young
  5. George b. 7 June 1655
  6. William b. 18 November 1657
  7. Sarah b. 14 November 1659 m. Ephraim Stevens
  8. Benjamin b. 20 December 1661 m. Sarah Farnum
  9. Timothy b. 17 November 1663
  10. Thomas b. 6 May 1666 m. Hannah Gray
  11. Edward b. abt 1668-1669 - d. young
  12. Nathaniel b. 4 July 1671
  13. Elizabeth b. 9 February 1673
Line #1
The longest line of descent from George and Hannah comes from my great-great-grandmother, Mary Jane Abbott who married Edward Abbott Capen. Edward's mother was Sarah (Abbott) Capen, another descendant of George & Hannah. They were first cousins. Mary Jane was born in 1847 and died in 1940. 

Mary Jane's parents were John & Sarah (Ackley) Abbott. John was born on April 27, 1819 and died in 1902. He married Sarah on March 31, 1841. 

Generation 2. 
John's parents were both Abbotts! They were Aaron Jr. & Sarah (Abbott) Abbott. Aaron was born on April 11, 1778 and died on September 8, 1856. Sarah was born on June 26, 1780 and died on October 23, 1853. They were married on January 1, 1800.  They were second cousins. 

Generation 3. 
Aaron Jr.'s parents were both Abbotts again! They were Aaron Sr. and Lydia (Abbott) Abbott. Aaron was born on February 17, 1732 and died on December 31, 1812. Lydia was born on June 15, 1737 and died on December 15, 1811. I have not found a marriage record for Aaron and Lydia so all I know is that they were married before 1778. They were first cousins. 

Sarah's parents were Stephen & Mary (Gile) Abbott. Stephen was born on October 28, 1746 and died on May 12, 1811. Mary was born March 24, 1754 and died in 1823. They were married about 1778. 

Aaron Sr.'s parents were Thomas & Elizabeth (Ballard) Abbott. Thomas was born January 3, 1699 and died July 11, 1774. Elizabeth was born in 1700 and died July 31, 1782. They were married in 1725. 

Lydia's parents were Edward & Dorcas (Chandler) Abbott. Edward was born June 9, 1702 and died April 14, 1759. Dorcas was born in 1705 and died May 16, 1748. They were married July 15, 1728. 

Stephen's parents were (you guessed it) both Abbotts. They were George and Sarah (Abbott) Abbott. George was born November 7, 1706 and died October 6, 1785. Sarah was born on October 8, 1711 and died June 14, 1769. They were married on February 1, 1737. They were first cousins, once removed. 

Generation 5.
Thomas's parents were Thomas & Hannah (Gray) Abbott. Thomas was born May 6, 1666 and died April 28, 1728. Hannah was born November 30, 1674 and died in 1763. They were married December 7, 1697. Thomas was the son of George & Hannah (Chandler) Abbott. 

Edward's parents were also Thomas & Hannah (Gray) Abbott.

George's parents were also Thomas & Hannah (Gray) Abbott

Sarah's parents were Stephen & Sarah (Stevens) Abbott. Stephen was born March 16, 1678 and died May 27, 1766. Sarah was born about 1690 and died in January 1751. They were married around 1708. They were first cousins. Sarah Stevens' parents were Ephraim & Sarah (Abbott) Stevens. 

Generation 6. 
Stephen's parents were John & Sarah (Barker) Abbott. John was born March 2, 1648 and died March 19, 1721. Sarah was born about 1647 and died February 10, 1729. They were married November 17, 1673. John was the son of George & Hannah (Chandler) Abbott. 

Line #2
Zerviah Abbott married John Ellingwood. She was born March 19, 1768 and died October 18, 1847. They married on December 29, 1789. Zerviah's parents were both Abbotts! Jonathan (3) & Mehitable (Abbott) Abbott. They were third cousins. 

Generation 2.
Jonathan's parents were Jonathan Jr. & Martha (Lovejoy) Abbott. Jonathan was born December 14, 1714 and died May 21, 1794. Martha was born in 1720. They married in 1739. 

Mehitable's parents were Ephraim & Hannah (Phelps) Abbott. Ephraim was born in March 1710 and died April 25, 1745. Hannah was born about 1715. They married in 1734. 

Generation 3.
Jonathan Jr.'s parents were Jonathan Sr. & Zerviah (Holt) Abbott. Jonathan was born in 1687 and died March 21, 1770. Zerviah was born March 24, 1689 and died March 26, 1768. They were married on May 6, 1713. 

Ephraim's parents were Stephen & Sarah (Stevens) Abbott. Ephraim was a brother to Sarah (Abbott) Abbott, wife of George Abbott. This line goes back to George & Hannah (Chandler) Abbott as outlined above. 

Generation 4.
Jonathan Sr.'s parents were Benjamin & Sarah (Farnum) Abbott. Benjamin was the son of George & Hannah (Chandler) Abbott. 

Line #3
Mary Abbott was born in 1761 and died in 1843. She married Thomas Capen. He was born April 19, 1762 and died at sea in 1808. 

Generation 2.
Mary's parents were Edward & Deborah (Stevens) Abbott. Edward was born December 27, 1730 and died September 15, 1801.

Generation 3.
Edward's parents were Edward & Dorcas (Chandler) Abbott. Edward was the brother of Lydia (Abbott) Abbott, wife of Aaron Abbott, Sr. This line goes back to George & Hannah (Chandler) Abbott as outlined above.

Lydia (Abbott) Abbott - Aaron Abbott, Jr. - Sarah K. Abbott - see below.

Sarah (Abbott) Stevens - Sarah (Stevens) Abbott - Sarah (Abbott) Abbott - Stephen Abbott - Sarah (Abbott) Abbott - Sarah K. (Abbott) Capen - Edward Abbott Capen, husband of Mary Jane (Abbott) Capen

Mary (Abbott) Capen - Deborah (Capen) Ackley - Sarah (Ackley) Abbott, Mary Jane (Abbott) Capen - Fannie (Capen) Carter - T. Richard Carter - my grandfather

Mehitable (Abbott) Abbott - Zerviah (Abbott) Ellingwood - John Ellingwood, Jr. - Asa Freeman Ellingwood - Nina K. (Ellingwood) Gibbs - Annie (Gibbs) Cotton - F. Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother

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