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The Carter Homestead - 52 Ancestors #25 Dr. Timothy Carter

The Carter Family Farm/Middle Intervale Farm
In 1799, Dr. Timothy Carter and his wife, Frances (Freeland), made the trek from Massachusetts to Maine. They settled in Bethel in an area, along the Androscoggin River, known as Middle Intervale. There they built "The Brick End House" and a farm on land that later encompassed a meetinghouse across the road and another house on the other side of the barnyard. These four buildings are my family homestead. All but the meetinghouse have been in my family for seven generations. My cousin John lives in the Brick End House now and his father, my Uncle Timmy, lives in the other house. In the late 1970s, the meetinghouse was turned over to the local historical society and was renovated, in keeping with the period. 
Aunt Becky & friend in front of the Brick End House
Notice the long shed that at one time connected a stable
and then connected to the barn. 
View of the barn and the other house - taken
from the pasture and cornfield across the road

The old barn and stable
When I was very young, my parents and I lived in the house with the green roof and my grandparents lived in the Brick End House. Later we moved away from the farm and my grandparents moved into the house on the left and my uncle and his family lived in the Brick End House. Still, this place has always felt the most like home.
                                   The Middle Intervale Meetinghouse
The meetinghouse and cemetery
Meetinghouse sign

The meetinghouse from the front
I have many relatives buried in the cemetery

The Brick End House

Not sure of the date on this picture 
Sometime in the 1970s

Me in front of the Brick End House
The massive stand of lilac bushes, roof of my
grandparents' house & view of the Brick End House
My Grandparents' House

My grandparents' house
approaching on the road

Closer and in summer

I always loved these beautiful
doors - Back: Me & my sister, Lorna
Front: Cousins Becky & John 
The old stone steps - notice that the height varied
from step to step

  Other pictures around the farm

Back of the barn
Me and my cousin, Nancy
on Patches
Grammie's Flowers

The Sand Pasture
The Brook
Seated: Gus Carter holding his daughter, Ann, Fanny (Capen) Carter holding Teddy (son of Gus & Dora, Dick Carter holding sons, Timmy and Tommy
Standing: Stanley Carter, Becky Carter, Paul Carter, Frances Carter, Dora (wife of Gus), Lyndell (wife of Dick)

Fanny (Capen) Carter was the mother of Gus, Rebecca, Dick, Stanley, and Paul. Frances Carter was her sister-in-law who never married. Fanny's husband, Edward, was killed in 1922. She raised her children on the farm. 

Dr. Timothy & Frances (Freeland) Carter
Elias Mellen & Rebecca (Williamson) Carter
Augustus Mellen & Mary Frances (Stanley) Carter
Edward Mellen & Fanny (Capen) Carter
T. Richard "Dick" & Fern Lyndell (Cotton) Carter
Timothy & Jodi (Reue) Carter
John Richard Carter - current owner/operator of the farm

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