Thursday, July 2, 2015

Golgotha Memorial - First Settlers of Amesbury

In 1903, the Amesbury Improvement Association placed a marker at the site of the first settlers' burial ground and called the site Golgotha. The memorial plaque lists eighteen first settlers, although not all were buried on this site. I recently visited the site to see it for myself. It's hard to imagine all the wilderness that existed in the 17th century where there are now so many buildings and so much traffic. I tried to get some photos that cropped out the modern elements.

Golgotha (in Aramaic) or Calvary (in Latin) refers to the hill resembling a skull cap just outside the old gate of Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified, buried in a tomb and rose in the Resurrection.  The dictionary definition includes "place of great suffering" or "place of burial."

My ancestors are John Bailey, John Hoyt, Henry Blaisdell, and Jarret Haddon.

John Bailey, Rebecca Bailey, Ruth Brown, Isaac Rogers, Rebecca Rogers, Stephen Blaisdell, Jr., Susannah Blaisdell, Stephen Rowe, Charles H. N. Rowe, Anna J. Rowe, Eva Hayes, Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother

Jarret Haddon, Mary Haddon m. Henry Blaisdell, Henry Blaisdell, Jr. John Blaisdell, Stephen Blaisdell, Stephen Blaisdell, Jr. - see above for the rest of the line.

John Hoyt, Thomas Hoyt, Israel Hoyt, Dorothy Hoyt, Alice Babb, Lydia Waterhouse, Alice Garland, Richard Hayes, Sydney Hayes, George Hayes, Eva Hayes, Linona Alice Yates - my grandmother

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  1. Hoping to see the myself this summer. My ancestors: Valentine Rowell, William Sargent, William Barnes, George Martin, Anthony Colby and Richard Currier. I also want to see the Macy-Colby House!

    1. The Macy-Colby House wasn't open on Tuesday and I don't know if we would have had time to go through anyway. I put it on my list of things to see on future trips. The monument is easy to miss (and we did) and then we turned around at the Macy-Colby House so I got to see the marker and the outside of the house.

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