Sunday, September 14, 2014

52 Ancestors #33 - Capt. Anthony Brackett

Capt. Anthony Brackett lived at Falmouth (now Portland), Maine. 

History of Hampton, New Hampshire, Joseph Dow
"On the 9th of August, 1676, some Indians killed one of his cows, and he complained to a chief, named Symon, who promised to bring the culprits to him. Two days later Symon appeared, early in the morning at the head of a party, and said: 'These are the Indians that killed the cow.' Then they entered the house, seized the guns, and asked Capt. Brackett whether he would go into captivity, or be killed. He preferring captivity, the Indians bound him, his wife, and a negro, and carried them and five children away as prisoners. In November following, Captain and Mrs. Brackett, one child and the negro made their escape in a leaky canoe. The wife, Ann, died soon after, and the remainder of Capt. Brackett's life is identified with Hampton."

"When Col. Church had the memorable fight with the Indians at Casco, Sept. 21, 1689, Capt. Brackett was killed. After this, his wife and children went to her father's at Hampton, but finally returned to their possessions." 

Children with Ann Mitton:
Anthony, Seth, Zachariah, Mary, Eleanor, Keziah, and Jane

Children with Susannah Drake:
James, Zipporah, Zachariah, Anne, Sarah, and Susannah

9th GG
Capt. Anthony & Susannah (Drake) Brackett
Zachariah Brackett
Sarah Brackett
Thomas Sawyer
Hannah Sawyer
Catherine Hilton
Loann Churchill
Anna J. Rowe
Eva D. Hayes
Linona A. Yates - my grandmother

9th GG
Capt. Anthony & Susannah (Drake) Brackett
Zachariah Brackett
Sarah Brackett
Amy Sawyer - sister of Thomas
Samuel Hilton
Catherine Hilton - see above

9th GG
Capt. Anthony & Susannah (Drake) Brackett
Sarah Brackett
Samuel Proctor
Humility Proctor
Hezekiah Moody
Dolly Estes Moody
Charles G. Blake
Harriet May Blake
Clayton L. Blake - my grandfather

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