Sunday, September 14, 2014

52 Ancestors #32 - A Fickle Female Loses Her Love

This story comes from Dow's History of Hampton, New Hampshire. He doesn't tell where the story comes from but I thought it was interesting. 

Maurice (or Morris) Hobbs, according to tradition, left his native country under the following singular circumstances. He had been paying his addresses to a young lady, who, from some cause not mentioned, turned him off; and thereupon, he determined to emigrate to America. When the lady knew of it, she relented, and, knowing he would pass her residence as he proceeded to embark, placed herself in his view, hoping to bring about a reconciliation. To her grief, she found him inexorable; and although she accosted him with the affectionate enquiry, "Whither goest thou, Maurice?" yet he deigned not to turn his head or to look upon her. And they never saw each other more. 

Morris came to Hampton, New Hampshire between 1640 and 1645. He married my 10th great grandaunt, Sarah, daughter of William Eastow. They had ten children. 

I always wonder about these family "stories" and how embellished they are. What is the story from the side of the young lady? 

William Eastow
Mary Eastow - sister of Sarah (Eastow) Hobbs - my 10th great grandmother
Ephraim Marston
Jeremiah Marston
Elisha Marston
Mary Marston
Hannah Prescott
Mary Edgecomb
Benjamin Perley Philbrick
Lizzie Philbrick
Ray Everett Cotton
Fern Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother

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