Friday, September 19, 2014

52 Ancestors #35 - The Price of Desertion

William Hedges married first in England and the name of his first wife is unknown. He emigrated to America and settled first in Lynn, where he was made a freeman on May 14, 1634. He moved to Sandwich and then to Yarmouth. He was involved in a number of court cases during his lifetime involving everything from keeping a hog unringed to letting an Indian have a gun. His will was dated June 30, 1670 and his executor, son Elisha, was called to appear at Plymouth to prove the will on July 5, 1670. 

When Captain William Hedges of Yarmouth, MA drew up his will, he left his second wife only 12 pence. It seems that Blanche, widow of Tristram Hull, had deserted Captain Hedges. His inventory estimated the value of his estate at four hundred eighty-seven pounds and sixteen shillings, of which, Blanche was given twelve pence! All other beneficiaries start with "To my beloved..." but here is the part referring to Blanche.  

"And whereas Blanche my Wife hath dealt falcly with mee in the Covenant of Marriage in departing from mee, therefore I doe in this my Last Will and Testament give her twelve pence, and alsoe what I have Received of hers my will is shal be Returned to her againe." 

William Hedges & First Wife
Elizabeth Hedges & Jonathan Barnes
Mary Barnes & John Carver
Mary Carver & Moses Barrows
Moses Barrows & Deborah Totman
Asa Alden Barrows & Content Benson
Rachel Barrows & John Ellingwood, Jr. 
Asa Freeman Ellingwood & Florilla Dunham
Nina King Ellingwood & George Gibbs
Annie Florilla Gibbs & Ray Everett Cotton
Fern Lyndell Cotton - my grandmother

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